Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So where are we now?


You'd swear that I lived at work this last week. My wife certainly did and was truly unhappy with the whole siutation. Why was I at work so much? The problem was that we had four levels of software at on seaborg (our uber IBM SP) that were interacting in a truly bad way. The system encoutnered this multiple times. I finally exploded verbally at 1 AM Tuesday morning on the phone with IBM. I ripped them up one side and down the other for a $60 million GA'ed product that'd gone through testing and...broke three times in 7 days.

Well, I am off of rotation as of yesterday at 1 PM. I am so glad. I desperately need sleep (which I got virtually none this last week).

I'll see about getting back to the regular blog schedule.

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