Tuesday, January 03, 2006

TV Shows

I'm taking a breather a bit from the pace of Ukrainian-Russian politics for a moment and talking about TV shows. My TV shows that I like. There are not that many, frankly, that I have on my Must-See category. It's not to say that I don't enjoy others, but there are three that I watch and get very annoyed if I miss. Oh, no worries, I have a Tivo, but even so, I still want to see these ones asap.

The first one is the SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica. If I miss all others, this one keeps me happy. I mean, wow. This show is really, really good. Looking at genocide from the victim's PoV and then still asking hard questions of them is just damned brilliant. The characters and acting are good too. Some, like Olmos' Adama, are just plain amazing in what they convey.

The second show is a guilty pleasure. NBC's E-Ring. I have always enjoyed the two lead actors, Dennis Hopper and Benjamin Bratt. This time its no different. The backstabbing, legal manuvuering, sometimes questionable judgements, and idealism all seem to fit what I've faced in working for the government. Having a little action and some played up drama, makes it worthwile to watch.

The third will be a little bit of a surprise after the first two: it's Mexico: One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless. I rather enjoy seeing some of the different styles of Mexican food that Senor Bayless presents. It's not gripping TV and they do some annoying camera work at times, but the dishes are interesting and gathered from all over Mexico. I've started using bits and pieces of his tips in my own cooking and my wife completely supports me in this one. ;) That said though, my true loyalty for Mexican food lies in the New Mexican styles, especially the Mesilla Valley cooking. Sorry folks, can't beat those flavors. I still appreciate the others, but...*bemused shrugs*

There are other shows that I enjoy, but . Surface has grown on me some, but the X-Files-ish aspects of it are a little annoying and the pace is a tad slow even for me. My wife and I enjoy Globe Trekker, but some of the hosts are frakking annoying. However, one of them impressed my wife alot even though she calls him an idiot after his fun in Murmansk. I also watch Nova a fair amount, but its not one that if I miss (with a few exceptions on the program subject) that I get annoyed about.

There are others that are occasionals, but...alas, poor TV...not very many.

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