Monday, December 04, 2006

Ipod Query

I know that some of you use IPods extensively. I am looking for a voice recorder attachment for my wife's Ipod Nano. It would be very, very useful for her studies.

Any suggestions?


Allen Marshall said...

hrmmm... I haven't tried using a voice recorder with my ipod yet.... and so initially I wasn't going to respond to this post.

However, when I clicked on the amazon link you had for ipod/voice recorders I noticed that the belkin recorder you came across has one serious flaw... it works via a port at the top of the ipod that doesn't exist in nanos, shuffles, or any ipods more recent than 4th generation.

In other words... I haven't read anything too negative about voice recorders for ipods in general.... but be sure to get one that works with a nano! (as older recorders won't necessarily)

here's one example of a recorder that should work just fine:

the key thing to look for is the phrase: "attaches to the iPod dock connector" as this is the way all nano and 5th gen ipod accessories work (except for the latest shuffle, which actually connects via the headphone jack itself--- very strange)


Allen Marshall said...

oops... on second thought the reviews for the recorder I pointed out look rather lousy--- a better (and one that is def. nano ready) option appears to be the griffin italk