Monday, January 29, 2007

What It Really Means

The Guardian has an article about who the British government is going to charge with killing Litvinenko. This is the 'spy' that was killed by using polonium in such a horrible way. At the same time Voice of America has an article about the Russian in Georgia that was 'stung' trying to sell weapons grade plutonium.

What this could mean ought to be pretty damned obvious. It's been postulated for a long time that this was true. Now it seems to have been confirmed. I am sure that other people have made the connection, but let me say it here: Russia does not control its radioactive substances be they uber expensive polonium (over $10 million worth, iirc) or weapons grade plutonium. weapons grade.

Let's hope that I am wrong. If I am not, we're in for a deep load of shibbit.

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