Friday, December 20, 2013

Monitor Lizards in Miocene Neogene Spain

Early Miocene dispersal of the lizard Varanus into Europe: Reassessment of vertebral material from Spain


Delfino et al


Iberovaranus Hoffstetter, 1969 was erected as a monotypic genus of varanine varanid lizard on the basis of a single trunk vertebra from the Miocene of Spain. Thanks to the study of the holotype, as well as of a still undescribed cervical vertebra from the same locality, we show that the vertebral morphology of Iberovaranus is contained within the known variability of Varanus. Therefore, Iberovaranus Hoffstetter, 1969 is considered a subjective junior synonym of Varanus Merrem, 1820, and the species Iberovaranus catalaunicus Hoffstetter, 1969 should be considered a nomen dubium.

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