Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We now Have the Technology to Detect Relavistic Starships

Limits and Signatures of Relativistic Spaceflight


Yurtsever et al


While special relativity imposes an absolute speed limit at the speed of light, our Universe is not empty Minkowski spacetime. The constituents that fill the interstellar/intergalactic vacuum, including the cosmic microwave background photons, impose a lower speed limit on any object travelling at relativistic velocities. Scattering of cosmic microwave phtotons from an ultra-relativistic object may create radiation with a characteristic signature allowing the detection of such objects at large distances.

Step one. grab all the RAW kepler data.

Step two. write a search program like the supernova factory guys do.

Step Three.  Run, baby.  Run.  (or rather  debug, baby.  debug.  Then, run, baby.  Run!)

Step Four (probable).  Sigh with the lack of detections.

Step Five.  Grab everyone else's raw data too.  ;)

Rinse lather repeat.

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