Friday, November 27, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #41

This is a compression of the last two days.  The holiday impacted the posts.

Supposedly Russian MLRS with cluster munitions in Syria:
Russian artillery has been active for some time now.  T
his is the first video I've seen of it supposedly in action.

As of yesterday (Thanksgiving 2015), Russia hit 449 targets in the previous 72 hours.  They to have destroyed the rebels in the area where the Su-24 was shot down and the pilot was killed.  The Russians have repeatedly hit targets along the Turkish border.  You have to wonder if this was really about IS or just showing Turkey just how little Russia fears the potential consequences.  Russia hit a civilian convoy in Syria...and it was loaded with food and other supplies, not weapons.  Some are calling it an aid convoy.

In the same time frame, the US led coalition hit a grand total of 27 targets.

Russia has broken off military contacts with Turkey, as they said they would.  They have started propaganda against Turkey as well, claiming Turks are try to discover how to retake Crimea.  Putin has stated the shoot down was a deliberate attempt by Turkey to derail relations and a 'stab in the back.'

Turkey has stated had it known the jet was Russian, it would have acted differently (wuh?!).  Erdogan is stating he ordered the downing the the jet (so the buck stops there!).  Likewise he's stating Russia ought to apologize for the incident.  Erdogan has tried reaching out to Putin multiple times, but Putin has stated until Turkey apologizes, he will not speak with the Turkish President.

Russia has settled on economic retaliation for now.  They have banned Turkish food imports.  They are floating reducing the flow of natural gas to Turkey through the TurkStream gas pipeline.  Tourism to Turkey, a $10 Billion/year is spent by Russians in Turkey, is being ended: visa free travel for Turkish citizens ends on January 1st.  39 businessmen at an agricultural expo in Krasnodar (Russia) have been reportedly detained.

Anti Turkish protests are taking place in multiple spots in Russia, especially in Moscow and St Petersburg, but also in Crimea (see video).  Edrogan was burned in effigy in multiple places.

However, Russia has stated it has the right to retaliate militarily.  Turkey has suspended its military flights over Syria as a precautionary step.

In the end, ironically, it might be the Su-24s com system being on the fritz that made the shoot down happen.  The Turks did warn, but the Su-24 crew simply could not hear.   So who is at fault then?

Iraq's PM Maliki, the dumbass who helped create Daesh/Islamic State by being a Shiite bigot, has stated Turkey risks a world war.  wow.  Just wow.

Russia has stated their S-400 SAMs are now deployed and active in Syria.  That was...quick.  Probably meaning they were already there.  US commanders have stated this complicates the fight against IS/Daesh.  Turkey has stated if any of its fighters are shot down by an S-400, the response would be immediate and overwhelming.  That's the sensation of a finger on the trigger, folks.

Russia will be sending another 12 fighter jets to Syria as well.

The Saudis have stated they are still seeking Assad ouster through military means.

Hollande went to Moscow.  France and Russia will now coordinate their military strikes.  They will also share intel.  Hollande called for a grand coalition to fight Daesh/IS.  Russia happily responded they wanted to be a part and even willing to work with the US.  Hollande called on the Brits to join the airstrikes. France has come out to say they will work with the Syrian (assadite) army to wipe out IS/Daesh.  I guess at this point, France is willing to make deals with the devil.  BalazaPutin to Obama Therin: I win again.  :(

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Anonymous said...

Great. Russia now has direct access to Western intelligence in the area. If war does break out, it puts Russia in a much prettier spot, and everyone else at a significant disadvantage (not that I think Russia has the military might to actually survive any confrontation with the West in the region, but it'll be bloodier).