Monday, May 30, 2016

Scuffle in the South China Sea #47

The Chinese intercept of the EP-3 violated the agreement about conduct between the nations for aircraft.

The Chinese UAV reported earlier has been confirmed with pictures.

After the spats with Indonesia over the South China Sea, China is pledging closer ties.

China is considering turning some of the disputed islands into resorts.

China states the Vietnam-American ties better not be aimed at them.

SecState Kerry has stated the ties are not.

Vietnam is possibly going to ask for P-3 sub hunting planes and F-16s.

McCain is pushing for closer ties between the Vietnamese Navy & the US Navy.

The closer ties between Vietnam & the US will give China headaches.

The US Navy feels the US Army's rockets & artillery will have the squids' back in the South China Sea.

Are the Chinese are being increasingly constrained by the growing US-Indian relationship?

The US SecDef expresses his worries about the South China Sea.

Philippines has stated some of its fishermen were detained by the Malaysian Navy.

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