Friday, May 26, 2017

Hell Beast

Ichor dripped from its teeth. Poisonous and deadly, the slime pooled on the floor before us. It's malleable covering for its consumptive orifice was pulled back and a terrifying noise emanated deep from within the beast. We were doomed.

We had landed peacefully upon this world. It was a world of plenty but pre contact. It was not considered advanced enough to join the Galactic Federation. We were, technically, bending some silly laws to be here. Frap knows, there were far, far too many rules for a good soph to follow accurately and besides, they were intended to keep every last soph in their place and maintain the status quo. So, we had come down, looking for samples of the very one thing this world had to offer that would be worth enough to come here and risk so much despite the ban.

If crept forward. It was going to kill us all. Like it had Tokwit when it found us in the field. It tore herm apart. And when Crateef had tried to stand herm's ground to buy us time to get back into the ship to escape, but it was too fast. Too strong. It had crushed Crateef as it bounded after us and didn't seem to even phased at the psionic blasts from Crateef's weapon. We were all going to die.
I closed my oculars and turned away. I didn't want to see what was going to happen next. I could feel its calcified, enameled slashers even before they reached me. It as going to be horrific. My mind ran wild. I was going to die.

It had chased us. Chased us from the field. Making us lose our samples. It had chased us into the ship. Chased us into the cargo hold. Where there was no escape since it prevented us from getting to the bay door controls. We were cornered. We were doomed.

I heard every drip and drop of its ichor as it closed cautiously with us. Air passed through my spherules. I was going to end. And…

"Sit! Stay!"

I opened my oculars and looked up. Before us in the cargo bay was an enormous giant. Bipedal. One of the dominate primitives that controlled this world and were not yet mature enough to join the Federation.

To my horror, it stroked the head of the hell beast next to it. The alien manipulator stroked the hell beast's head! It was unharmed! How could that be!?! The hell beast was covered in immensely sharp and deadly spines! So many of the megafauna on this world were! That's why we had to be careful when we extracted our samples.

"good boy!" came from the biped and the hell beast lolled out its poison applicator from its deadly orifice. More pooled on the floor right before it. Then the biped looked furious and deadly and right at us.

"Now, you freaks are going to explain. And it better be a good explanation, because you've been here enough times and killed, mutilated of my livestock in such a sick way! WHY FSCK DO YOU NEED CATTLE ANUSES?!"

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