Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stealth Saga #63

5th Generation Fighter:

Poland is planning on buying a 5th generation fighter around 2025.

6th Generation Fighter:

Airbus is calling on France to join Germany and Spain in developing the next generation weapon system, a potentially sixth gen fighter.  A bit more on the Airbus backed European next gen fighter (not sure whether it will be 5th or 6th gen).  What exactly is going to happen is up in the air though.  Dassault may not join the paneuropean fighter and that might be a good thing.

Lockheed has unveiled its updated penetrating counter air concept.

Are 6th generation fighters going to be stealthy drone herders?


Turkey is mostly relying on local manufacturers for their next fighter, but also a dash of the British.


China has tested a solid rocket ramjet missile for use with its J-20 fighters, potentially tripling the range of the J-20's missiles to kill.


The Pentagon confirmed the Chinese H-20 stealth bomber is being designed with nuclear weapon carriage in mind.


Mikoyan claims to be working on the MiG-41, the successor for the MiG-31 Foxbat.


The PAK-FA is supposed to be in the final stages of development.

Russia is supposed to take delivery of two more PAK-FA this year.


Is the PAK-FA derivative fighter deal going to be scuttled?


Some are claiming the LCAAS 'disposable' UCAV will be stealthy.


Some beautiful pictures of the RQ-170 were taken at Vandenberg a while back.


McCain is pushing on the USAF to reduce the level of secrecy of the B-21 program.


Orbital ATK won a contract for composite structures for the B-2.

B-2 bombers have deployed to Britain.


Iraq's brushes with the F-117.



Canada will fork out another $30 million to stay part of the F-35 team despite not planning (currently) to buy any.

Japan has its first two F-35 pilots.

Japan has rolled out its first locally assembled F-35.  You can watch the roll out here.

The first Japanese assembled F-35 had its first flight.  You can see that here and its landing here.

Spain is considering replacing its AV-8Bs and F/A-18s with F-35s.

A proposed upgrade to the F-35's engine may improve fuel use and increase power.

How the F-35 fared at the Red Flag exercise and what it may portend.

Elbit of America won cockpit related work for the F-35.

Lockheed is preparing for the F-35A premier at the Paris Airshow.  The fighter was filmed practicing for its aerobatics at the show.

USAF F-35As at Luke AFB have stopped flying due to hypoxia problems much like most of the US fighters.  The grounding is indefinite until they find the problem.

Interestingly, the F-35B is NOT having hypoxia problems.

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