Saturday, October 28, 2017

Terminator Times #34

UAVs (drones):

The US Army is looking at unmanned medevac & resupply.

DARPA and AFRL are taking aim at drones with lasers.

A USAF Reaper drone was shot down over Yemen (video).

The US Navy has released its final RFP for the MQ-25A Stingray tanker.  (GA released some details on its entry).

The US Navy is also buying more Blackwing UAVs.

The US Navy turned its Fire Scout VTOL UAVs into mine hunters (IOC was declared).

Australia has begun deploying its VIDAR equipped ScanEagles to operational roles.

Australia is also test deploying S-100 VTOL UAVs.

Australia is buying an undisclosed number of Blackhornet 2 micro UAVs for its platoons.

A Belgian UAV crashed in Portugal.

The British awarded small contracts to develop UAVs.

France is looking for UAVs to be used in urban operations.

Israeli UAV manufacturers now face tougher export rules.

Japan awarded Northrop a contract for its Global Hawks.

Libya has acquired Iranian UAVs from somewhere.

Russia may be buying its UCAV tech from...Iran.

Russia's most dangerous drone weapons are its jammers and other electronic warfare assets.

Russia is finding it needs to accelerate development of unmanned systems due to its involvement in the Syrian war.

South Korea is making progress on its unmanned variant of the Little Bird helicopter.

Ukraine unveiled a new combat UAV system.

AeroVironment has upgraded its Puma UAV for a heavier payload.

Boeing bought Aurora Flight Sciences and tapped one of Aurora's execs to head of Boeing's Phantom Works.

General Atomics has transitioned its Gray Eagle production to the ER variant.

IAI & Brazil is attempting to sell their Heron derivative to civilians.

IAI is also demonstrating its Air Hopper VTOL for casualty evacuation.

IAI is testing an enhanced version of its Panther VTOL UAV for South Korea.

UGVs (Bolos, Ogres & Terminators):

The US Army awarded a UGV contract.

The US Army will also release RFPs for two UGV systems next year.

The US Army is about to send UGVs out for its Squad Maneuver Equipment Transport tests.

Finland's Patria bought a stake in Estonia's Milrem.

Ukraine unveiled its second generation UGCV, the RSVK-M2.

Meet RoMan.

GM's SURUS builds on its work for the US Army with the ZH2 Colorado.

Polaris' little trucks can be converted into self driving vehicles.

Qinetiq's Titan SMET entry was developed from its smaller MAARS.

Stratom has entered the UGV market with its XR-P.

USVs (robo ships):

Liquid Robotics' Wave Glider gets a profile at War is Boring.

UUV (Robot Subs):

The US Navy just stood up its first UUV squadron.

The US Navy awarded contracts to Boeing and Lockheed for the XLUUV.


NATO in general is pushing for more autonomous mine hunting.

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