Saturday, August 25, 2018

Stealth Saga #77

Mystery Aircraft at Edwards AFB:

Is this a B-2?  A B-21?  Or an RQ-180?  The Aviationist and I get to disagree.

Sixth Generation Fighters:

The USAF Costs Analysis Agency has a list of suggestions on how to reduce the cost of the coming NGAD 6th gen fighter.

Saab wants in on the British Tempest Program.

A US General is stating the Tempest must be compatible with the F-35.

The time might actually be right for the Tempest.

The Tempest announcement made a clear statement of intent, some think.

Leonardo still thinks the EU might fund at least some of the Tempest despite Brexit.

Will Japan collaborate with the Brits on the the Tempest fighter?

Wired wants to introduce you to the Tempest fighter as well.


Meggitt won another contract for the KF-X.

F-313 Qaher:

Whatever happened to the Qaher?

Can the Iranian fighter actually fly?


The Russians continue to insist the Su-57 derived FGFA hasn't been cancelled.

Russian VSTOL:

The Russians are claiming their next carrier based aircraft will be a brand new, clean sheet VSTOL fighter.  Presumably, a 5th gen fighter.


Russia says they are still working on it, but some maintain pure interceptors are obsolete.


The Su-57 has been seen with an external targeting pod.  Picture here.  That almost confirms the Su-57 is not stealthy.

TASS has stated the Su-57 contract is still not signed, but will be by the end of summer.

The Russians have stated the Su-57 has met all its development goals, has the potential to become a UCAV and also has the potential to be upgraded for the next 50 years.

However, the Russians are now saying they have only ordered 2 Su-57s.

The Russians are stating the Su-57 will have advanced AI capabilities.


New photographs of the J-20 have come to light.  The construction of the J-20 is pretty impressive.

There are claims the J-20 is facing difficulty with the manufacturing process and mass production is years away.  This conflicts with the reports there have been 18 J-20s delivered in the first half of 2018 and six in 2017.

Does the J-20 have an electro-optical system like the F-35?

Another quick post on the J-20.


F-22s deployed to Spangendahlem AFB.

Two F-22s simulated dogfights with Norwegian F-35s.

F-22s deployed to Poland to participate in their Armed Forces Day Parade.

F-22s deployed to Spain to train with Spanish Eurofighters and F/A-18s.

Two F-22s deployed to Romania.


Retired, you say...

About that retirement.


P&W got a $24.6M contract for the engines for the LRIP lot 9 F-35s.

Will the F-35 program hit it target price?

Congress passed the defense budget.  77 F-35s were paid for.  20 F-35Bs, 9 F-35Cs and 48 F-35As.

Congress is preventing any transfers of the F-35 to Turkey because of the purchase of the S-400 SAM from Russia.  SecDef Mattis warned Congress NOT to do that.  However, it appears to be a 90 day hold rather than a true ban.  An oped on the whole thing.  Turkey is threatening international arbitration if the F-35 deal is blocked.  The legislation temporarily banning delivery of the F-35 to Turkey has become law.

The USAF is experimenting with 3d printing replacement parts for the F-35A.

Watch an F-35A train with its cannon.

A F-35A had an inflight emergency and then was taxing to park when its nose landing gear gave way.

An F-35B pilot had some frustrations with the aerial refueling process on the way to Britain.

The USMC is ordering special lightning rods for its F-35B fleet in Japan.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth has left Britain to go qualify with F-35Bs in the US.  Video of the ship's departure.

Watch a Dutch F-35A in 'beast mode' fly through the Sierra Nevada's in California.

An Israeli F-35 went live on an aircraft tracking website.

Was the missile strike that took out the Russian SAMs in Syria done by an Israeli F-35?

The first South Korean pilot has flown the F-35A.

South Korea is considering buying F-35Bs for carrier operations.  They are seeking a study as what must be done to cover their amphibs to carriers.

British aerospace got a contract for expendable decoys for the F-35.

Lockheed says F-35 manufacture remains on track and will deliver 91 F-35s in FY19.

Lockheed got a contract mod for $19M for the F-35.

Lockheed got a contract to adapt the ALIS maintenance system for foreign governments.

The F-35 fuselages pushed Northrop's bottomline up.

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