Saturday, January 05, 2019

Terminator Times #53

Unmanned AerialVehicles (drones):

The USAFA Cadets are building a stealthy target drone.

The USAF gave General Atomics a $293M contract to support the MQ-9 Reapers.

The US Army has teamed with Lockheed to create a UAV armed with a high powered microwave weapon.

The US Coast Guard Commandant wants a small UAV like the ScanEagle for its future patrol cutters.

The US Navy has modified the contract for Boeing to continue work on the MQ-25A Stingray.

China has developed a kerosene burning variant of its CH-4 uav.

China has exported its 100th Wing Loong UAV.

A second Chinese made CH-4B has been shot down in Yemen.

Egypt is buying a second lot of Chinese UAVs.

The Europeans have finished the design definition of the program formerly called the EuroMALE.

A Russian company has created the Carnivora UAV to intercept other drones.

The Russian army will be receiving drones in 2019.

Airbus' VSR700 flew its first autonomous flight.

Does Elbit's rise mean the downfall of IAI?

Elbit and Adani opened a joint UAV center.

Schiebel demonstrated new payloads for its S-100 VTOL UAV for the Australian army.

V-BAT aspires to replace the Shadow UAV.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (Bolos & Ogres):

The Brits' new bomb disposal robot has haptic feedback for its operators.

Endeavor Robotics unveiled details of its Scorpion UGV.

Israel's Rafael envisions a mobile command center/mothership for unmanned ground vehicles.

Rheinmetall's Mission Master UGV gets profiled and a weaponized variant is in the works.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (robo subs):

Are swarms of underwater drones the future of mine clearing?

China's Haiyan underwater glider UUV operated for 141 days and travelled 3619 km in the South China Sea.

Russia has begun testing its intercontinental nuclear torpedo/UUV called Poseidon according to reports.

Thales teamed with msubs to work on UUVs.

Software Bots:

How the Pentagon is working on a two pronged approach to "AI."

After the Pentagon's relationship with Google collapsed, it's seeking its own AI talent.

Counter UAV:

The Russian Pantsir air defenses may be unable to defend against drones.  The Russians claim they have developed a new targeting system in response.


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