Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On Babies and Strawberries!

Strawberries seem to ahve come in season. My wife picked up a flat of them at our produce store and brought them home. we gorged ourselves on these huge fruits that were extremely sweet and ripe. Just the way that they are supposed to be and definitely not like how they often are with a mere hint of that strawberry yumminess. To make things even better, they were extremely cheap.

Our daughter wanted to try what mommy and daddy were munching down on. We were a bit hesitant. They can cause allergies, but she's getting to the point it ought to be okay. We figured, oh why not and gave her one. That was a mistake. Not from any physical reaction, but rather for the rest of the day Avrora was completely unhappy unless she had a strawberry in hand. She'd wolf one down - and these puppies are HUGE - and then want another. I think we snapped a picture of her covered in strawberry guts (for tomorrow's picture post, promise). I think she consumed somewhere over eight of them and possibly as high as twelve. She seems to have found her first true food love. She likes cheese a lot, to be sure, especially Gouda, but Monterrey Jack and Mozzerella work for her too (Cheddar doesn't, the little heathen). She also likes pasta as well especially when combined with some sort of daddy rendered tomato sauce (little angel, that 1/8 Italian pokes through).

Avrora's grown a lot. She's over 30 inches now and climbing. She's walking and has quite a few teeth. She has a very small vocabulary that seems to be mostly B words: 'Baby' is her clearest word, but bird, balloon, and others are used as well. She knows a word in Russian: 'da'. She likes to use it when mommy says, 'nyet.' Oy. Did I mention she's a week short of 13 months?

My wife, myself, and my daughter ate ourselves silly with strawberries. However, we still had a lot left over. We decided to either make strawberry jam or to make candied strawberries. Or rather try to make them. It didn't work so well, but the results did taste pretty good.

So, if any of you happen to have a good recipe, we're all ears...

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