Friday, March 24, 2006

San Francisco with a 20ft sea rise

Link to the original article.

The question remains as to how fast the waters will rise. It's interesting. Many of the researchers are saying a temperature increase by 2100 and yet the briefing we got here a few years ago based on the modeling done using our machines made it seem that the temperature rise of 5 C would take place within the next twenty to thirty years rather than 100 years. I wonder if the new modeling has supplanted what we were briefed about or if this is a case of differing researchers having differing opinions.

Now if only the SF Chronicle would do the whole bay area...

Emeryville - where we live - would be 2 ft above waterline then...and the apartments we live in would be under water for sure. Well, not ours since we're on the top floor, but...

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