Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

I thought I was going to have a 1000% suckie Father's day. My wife and daughter are in Ukraine. I am here. Alone. Great setup, huh?

I kept today simple and with purpose. I went for a hike in an area that I might like to build the house up in Marin. I mostly liked it. There were some places that it was obvious that people simply didn't care about their homes. I really didn't like that. There were a few very nice houses. Most were definitely not in anything like a style I'd want to build in. I'm hung up on a semi Byzantine with Art Nouveau, Adirondack, and other touches. It looks vaguely Mediterranean or somewhat Spanish Colonial, but...not really. That's how some Californians react to the style when it is sketched or drawn up. They'll see the differences once construction starts. No stucco for one thing!

I came home, scorched, and sat down with a cup of coffee (a new, nice New Mexican blend of Trader Joe' was roasted over Pinon) and read more of the book I am reading now. I then watched the borrowed BSG first season episodes and cooked dinner: a hamburger, a tomato (sliced), and sliced, fried egg plant.

Then my brother called to wish me a happy father's day. We talked and then it was time to talk to Lyuda and Avrora. I called them...

And they surprised me with a card that was squirreled away waiting for me and a gift card to amazon. Gosh. Even halfway around the world and they surprised me with something. I was delighted. I have been missing them horribly. :( And they still pulled off a surprise for me. I really, really love them.

Two weeks 'til they're back! woo! :D

I promise to post tomorrow on Dinner with the Fixer!

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