Friday, June 09, 2006

Will's Library

So I spent most of today moving my bookshelves, desks, and tables. I am feeling sick, but not too bad and I had wanted to do this to make more room. In the process, I thought 'oh, why not catalog what books you have?' it seemed like a good idea at the time. That started about 4 hours ago. I have less than I thought, but I'll remedy this at some point...;) I have more computer books at work that are mine and some humor ones as well (Dilbert). Otehrwise, I think I got most of them...

I am a little disturbed about what names kept cropping up and a number of books I would have to say are from previous times' tastes, but that's life...

There's a lot more SF in there than I remebered and very little science, which is distressing. Ah well. Enjoy! If you care...


Adirondack Style - O'Leary & Hall
Antonio Gaudi - Nonell & Levick
Art Nouveau - Fitzgerald
Art Nouveau - Tahara
Building Construction Illustrated - Ching and Adams
The Buildings of Byzantium - Leacroft
Byzantine Architecture - Mango
The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Own Home - McGuerty & Lester
Construction of Drilled Pier Foundations - Greer & Gardner
Drilled Piers & Cassions II - Baker
Drilled Pier Foundations - Woodward, Greer & Gardner
Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture - Krautheimer
Everything You Need to Know About Building the Custom Home - Folds & Hoopes
The Grammar of Architecture - Cole
How to Subcontract and Build Your Dream House - Jaeger
Measuring, Marking & Layout - Carroll
Moscow Art Nouveau - Murrell
Remodeling with Tile
Step by Step Masonry & Concrete
Tips & Traps When Building Your Own Home - Irwin
Working with COncrete - Arnold


100 Banned Books - Karolides, Bald, and Sova
1688 A Global History - Norton
Afganistan - Tanner
Anasazi America - Stuart
Argentina - Rock
Art of War - Sun Tzu
The Art of War - Machiavelli
The Art of War in the Western World - Jones
Augustus - Holland
The Balkans since 1453 - Stavrianos
Band of Brothers - Ambrose
Battles of the GReek and Roman Worlds - Montagu
Black Sea - Ascherson
Blackhawk Down - Bowden
The Book of War - Keegan
Borderland - Reid
The Brazilians - Page
Byzantine Philosophy and its Ancient Sources - Ierodiakonou
The Chinese - Becker
Chronicles of the Roman Emperors - Scarre
Cicero - Everitt
Collapse - Diamond
A Concise History of the Middle East - Goldschmidt
The Complete Roman Army - Goldsworthy
Conquest - Thomas
The Conquest of Gaul - Caesar
The Dragon in the Land of Snows - Shakya
Empire - Kamen
Europe - Davies
The Face of Battle - Keegan
The First World War - Keegan
Gemistos Plethon - Woodhouse
The German Army 1933-1945 - Cooper
The German Empire - Sturmer
The Guns of August - Tuchman
Guns, Germs, and Steel - Diamond
Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome - Adkins & Adkins
The Histories - Herodotus
A History of Burma - Phayre
A History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages - Oman
A History of Knowledge - Van Doren
A History of Modern Indonesia since c. 1200 - Ricklefs
A History of Warfare - Keegan
India - Keay
Japan - Sansom
The Jewish War - Josephus
Kiev - Hamm
Lanchester Models of Warfare - Taylor
The Little Ice Age - Fagan
Lords of the Horizons - Goodwin
Martime Supremacy and the Opening of the Western Mind - Padfield
The Mask of Command - Keegan
Maurice's Stategikon - Dennis (trans)
Mexico From the Olmecs to the Aztecs - Coe & Koontz
Modern Europe - Blanning
Native America - Portrait of the Peoples
A New History of Korea - Lee
Niccolo's Smile - Viroli
The Olmecs - Diehl
On War - von Clausewitz
Panzer Battles - von Mellenthin
Panzer Commander - von Luck
Panzer Leader - Guderian
Patriots - Langguth
The Portable Machiavelli - Bondanella & Musa (trans)
Raj - James
The Renaissance at War - Arnold
The Rise and Fall of the British Empire - James
Roman Britian - Scullard
The Roman Way - Hamilton
The Roman World
Russia - Freeze
Russia's War - Overy
The Search for Modern China - Spence
The Second World War - Keegan
A Short History of Byzantium - Norwich
Slave Trade - Thomas
Soldat - Knappe
Soldiers at War - Lewis
Taliban - Rashid
Thailand A Short History - Wyatt
Theodora - Bridge
TR The Last Romantic - Brands
Ukraine - Subtelny
The Universal History of Numbers - Ifrah
War as I Knew It - Patton
The Wars of the Irish Kings - McCullough
Why the Allies Won - Overy
The World of 1800 - Bernier

Sci Fi:

1632 - Flint
1945 - Gringrich & Forstchen
1984 - Orwell
3001 - Clarke
Across the Sea of Suns - Benford
The Adversary - May
After Man - Dixon
Aftershocks - Turtledove
Against the Tide of Years - Stirling
The Alien Years - Silverberg
Alternate Generals - Turtledove
American Gods - Gaiman
Armor - Steakley
Ascending - Gardner
At Winter's End - Silverberg
Belarus - Hogan
Beowolf's Children - Barnes, Niven, & Pournelle
Between the Rivers - Turtledove
Beyond the Fall of Night - Clarke & Benford
Birds of Prey - Drake
Black Sun Rising - Friedman
Blood Feuds - Pournelle et al
Blood Music - Bear
Blood Vengance - Pournelle et al
Brave New World - Huxley
Brightness Reef - Brin
Burning City - Niven & Pournelle
Centauri Dreams - Gilster
Children of the Mind - Card
Chosen - Drake & Stirling
The Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke - Clarke
The Collected Stories of Greg Bear - Bear
The Compleat Bolo - Laumer
Cross Roads of Twilight - Jordan
Crown of Shadows - Friedman
A Crown of Swords - Jordan
The Dark Lord - Harlan
Darwin's Radio - Bear
A Day for Damnation - Gerrold
Destiny's Road - Niven
The Devil's Day - Blish
The Diamond Age - Stephenson
The Domination - Stirling
Down in the Bottomlands - Turledove
Down to Earth - Turtledove
The Dragon Reborn - Jordan
Drakas - Stirling
Drakon - Stirling
Dune - Herbert
Eagle Against the Stars - White
The Earth Abides - Stewart
Easters of the Dead - Crichton
Ender's Game - Card
Evolution - Baxter
Expendable - Gardner
Expedition - Barlowe
The Eye of the World - Jordan
Fahrenheit 451 - Bradbury
Falkenberg's Legion - Pournelle
The False Mirror - Foster
The Far Shore of Time - Pohl
The Fellowship of the Ring - Tolkien
Fire Time - Anderson
Footfall - Niven & Pournelle
Forever Free - Haldeman
Forever Peace - Haldeman
Forever War - Haldeman
Fortune's Stroke - Flint & Drake
Foundation - Asimov
Foundation and Empire - Asimov
Foundation's Edge - Asmiov
Furious Gulf - Benford
The Future is Wild - Dixon & Adams
Future War - Dann & Dozois
The Gate of Fire - Harlan
Genesis - Anderson
Glory Season - Brin
Go Tell the Spartans - Pournelle & Stirling
The Golden Torc - May
The Great Hunt - Jordan
Great Sky River - Benford
The Gripping Hand - Niven & Pournelle
Grunts - Gentle
Gust Front - Ringo
Heaven's Reach - Brin
Hegira - Bear
Helliconia Spring - Aldiss
Helliconia Summer - Aldiss
Helliconia Winter - Aldiss
Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! Anderson & Dickson
Homeward Bound - Turtledove
Houshold Gods - Tarr & Turtledove
I, Robot - Asimov
Imperial Stars I - Pournelle
In the Balance - Turledove
In Conquest Born - Friedman
In the Heart of Darkness - Flint & Drake
In the Ocean of the Night - Benford
The Integral Trees - Niven
Infinity's Shore - Brin
Into the Darkness - Turtledove
Iron Sunrise - Stross
Island in the Sea of Time - Stirling
Jem - Pohl
Job - Heinlein
King David's Spaceship
The King's Name - Walton
The King's Peace - Walton
The Legacy of Herot - Barnes, Niven & Pournelle
Lest Darkness Fall - de Camp
The Long Afternoon of Earth - Aldiss
Lord of Chaos - Jordan
Madness Season - Friedman
Man After Man - Dixon
The Many-Colored Land - May
The Martian Chronicles - Bradbury
A Matter for Men - Gerrold
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress - Heinlein
The Mote in God's Eye - Niven & Pournelle
Murasaki - Silverberg
N Space - Niven
Nemesis - Asimov
The New Dinosaurs - Dixon
The New Springtime - Silverberg
Nightfall - Asimov & Silverberg
The Nonborn King - May
An Oblique Approach - Drake & Flint
On the Ocean's of Eternity - Stirling
Otherness - Brin
Path of Daggers - Jordan
The Peshawar Lancers - Stirling
Playgrounsd of the Mind - Niven
The Postman - Brin
Prince of Mercenaries - Pournelle
Prince of Sparta - Pournelle & Stirling
The Puppet Masters - Heinlein
A Rage for Revenge - Gerrold
Rainbow Mars - Niven
The Reformer - Stirling & Drake
To Reign in Hell - Brust
The Return of the King - Tolkien
Revolt on War World - Pournelle
Ring - Baxter
Ringworld - Niven
The Ringworld Engineers - Niven
The Ringworld Throne - Niven
The River ot Time - Brin
Roma Eterna - Silverberg
Ruled Briannia - Turtledove
Sailing Bright Eternity - Benford
Scatterbrain - Niven
The Science of Aliens - Pickover
A Season for Slaughter - Gerrold
A Second Chance at Eden - Hamilton
Second Contact - Turtledove
Second Foundation - Asimov
Shadow Fires - Koontz
The Shadow of Ararat - Harlan
The Siege of Eternity - Pohl
The Silmarillion - Tolkien
Singularity Sky - Stross
Sixth Column - Heinlein
The Smoke Ring - Niven
Snow Crash - Stephenson
The Spoils of War - Foster
Starfarers - Anderson
Starship Troopers - Heinlein
Startide Rising - Brin
The Stone Dogs - Stirling
The Storm of Heaven - Harlan
Striking the Balance - Turtledove
Sundiver - Brin
The Strength of Stones - Bear
The Survival Game - Kapp
Thessalonica - Turtledove
This Alien Shore - Friedman
Through the Darkness - Turtledove
Tide of Victory - Flint & Drake
Tides of Light - Benford
Tilting the Balance - Turtledove
Timeline - Crichton
Tunnel in the Sky - Heinlein
The Two Towers - Tolkien
Under the Yoke - Stirling
The Uplift War - Brin
Upsetting the Balance - Turtledove
The Voice of the Night - Koontz
War World II: Death's Head Rebellion - Pournelle
War World III: Sauron Dominion - Pournelle
War World IV: Invasion - Pournelle
When True Night Falls - Friedman
The Wilding - Friedman
World Building - Gillet
A World of Difference - Turtledove
A World Out of Time - Niven
The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time - Jordan & Patterson

General Fiction:

Animal Farm - Orwell
The Bear and the Dragon - Clancy
Bright Star - Coyle
Debt of Honor - Clancy
Executive Orders - Clancy
The Hunt for Red October
Julius Caesar - Shakespeare
Lord of the Flies - Golding
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare
Practical Demon Keeping - Moore
Rainbow Six - Clancy
Red Storm Rising - Clancy
Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare
Sword Point - Coyle
Team Yankee - Coyle


The Age of Birds - Feduccia
Atlas of the Prehistoric World
Extinct Humans - Tatersall & Schwartz
Extinction - Erwin
Fossils of the Burgess Shale - Briggs, Eriwn, & Collier
Gaining Ground - Clack
Hen's Teeth and Horses Toes - Gould
King of the Crocodylians - Schwimmer
The Panda's Thumb - Gould
Pterosaurs From Deep Time - Unwin
Sea Dragons - Ellis
Terrestrial Ecosystems Through TIme - Behrenmeyer et al
Snowball Earth - Walker
When Life Nearly Died - Benton
Wonderful Life - Gould

China's Space Program - Harvey
Cycles of Fire - Miller & Hartmann
The Grand Tour - Miller & Hartmann
Here Be Dragons - Koerner & LeVay
Leo on the Cheap - London
Rocket Propulsion Elemts - Sutton & Biblarz
Starsailing - Friedman

Phytoremediation - McCutchens & Schooner

The Hot Zone - Preston

Computer Related:

AI for Game Developers - Bourg & Seeman


2015: Power and Progress - Cronin
About Face - Hackworth
Demon Haunted World - Sagan
Germs - Miller, Engleberg, & Broad
The Great Republic - CHurchill
The Pentagon's New Map - Barnett
SDI: A View from Europe - Hughes
Siberian Curse - Hill & Gaddy
Stiffed - Faludi


One Last Peek - Breathed


A Dictionary of Angels - Davidson
The Mother of All Baby Name Books - Lansky
Myths of Greece and Rome - Bulfinch

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