Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Climate change to make nuclear power a winner

The increasingly urgent need to combat climate change will probably spawn U.S. policies to impose fossil fuel charges and so dramatically favor nuclear power, Citigroup said in a research note on Wednesday.

If we adopt a carbon market like the EU has that is.


James Aach said...

Citigroup is correct that nuclear is currently the only mass-producer of electricity that is reasonably carbon free. You might find this an interesting and entertaining introduction to nuclear power:

Will Baird said...


That's the second time (at least) you've swung by here with a post that's basically a link to RadDecision.

umm. Dude. Have anything else to say?

Anonymous said...

There was an interesting economic analysis of nuclear power in the Economist, a few months back. They basically said the same thing you have. The only way to make nuclear power pay for itself in the short run is to tax carbon based fuels. Natural gas is, unfortunately, really cheap to build and coal is cheap to run. Too bad coal is ridiculously awful environmentally.