Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Coming Environmental Cost

A climate change report by Australia's leading scientific research body released two weeks ago found that Micronesia had experienced an annual sea level rise of 21.4 mm since 2001.

It said a sea level rise of 30-50 cm would affect hundreds of millions of people across the Asia-Pacific region, slashing economic output, inundating large areas of Bangladesh, India and Vietnam and reducing Kiribati, Fiji and the Maldives to a small fraction of their current land area.

The whole of the Pacific Islands are going to have nontrivial serious issues. Very few people have sat and thought about this one compared to arguing about. There will be a huge population displacement coming from the Pacific. we will just have to see how many. 100's of thousands to be sure, with Asia proper included, millions...but the mainlanders still have land they can walk away to...the Pacific Islanders by and large...don't.

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