Thursday, February 08, 2007

Paleoclimate Postdoc Position Open

Via CCSM-Paleoclimate mailing list:

As some of you know IMAU (Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht, Netherlands) is using the CCSM3 model for paleoclimate runs one of the major efforts at present are Cretaceous runs performed by Jake Sewall. He is returning to the States in July to start with a faculty position. This means that we have from then on a vacancy for a Post-Doc for 2.5 years. Most technical issues are overcome now so focus will be more on the interpretation of results and comparison with geological observations. If you know anybody who could be interested we would as you might guess be very pleased to hear that.....

If you know of anyone looking for a job in sim'ing paleoclimates that's a doctorate. Wish I knew of something for Darren Naish. :S

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