Friday, April 20, 2007

Funny, but...

I don't exactly hold that this is how all the Dems think (though I am sure that there are some), but I suspect that this would be more accurate if it said "arm chair generals" instead.


Anonymous said...

I rather think this is a republican attitude given racial attitudes and bigoted thinking. Military beneath their children's ability but appropriate for inner city minorities.

Will Baird said...

Y'know, I feel that it's perfectly acceptable and even to be encouraged for anyone's kids to be soldiers. Especially the rich and those that speak in favour of sending our soldiers into harm's way!

We Bairds have a history of serving. I didn't due to my horrid eyesight. My brother did serve in Iraq and the whole time he was there I was sending him care packages and letters of encouragement telling him of how proud I was of him.

My father served (Vietnam 2 1/2 years, iirc). My grandfather served professionally as a soldier: pre WW2 through the 1970s and was in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. Perhaps when the time comes, my daughter will make that choice (or any sons I may have). I cannot make that decision for them, but I would be very, very supportive of it.

Oh, and I am a Republican. Not a right wing (by and large), but still one all the same. AND I don't vilify the politicians and individuals that disagree with me. I talk with them and see if there's common ground, to convince, or be convinced on issues. It makes the political process into pointless circus if you accuse your opponents of being The Devil Incarnate.