Monday, April 16, 2007

Puerto Rico: 51st State or American Quebec?

Legislation that would give Puerto Rico a chance to become the 51st state or an independent nation is poised to move within the next few weeks in the House with support from senior members of both parties, including Democrat Nick J. Rahall II of West Virginia and Republican Don Young of Alaska.


The House measure (HR 900) would allow Puerto Rico to hold a vote during the 111th Congress on whether to end its territorial status. A later vote would be held to determine statehood or independence.

If it became a state, Puerto Rico’s delegation would include two senators and up to six House seats, based on its population.

51st State! 51st State!

*crosses fingers*

From what I've gathered is that to avoid the past results, what is going to happen is that there will be a vote whether to end the current relationship as is with the US or not. If the majority wants a change, then there will be a second vote on whether or not to make Puerto Rico an independent nation or a new state (with no option to remain as is). This is to prevent the constant 'remain as is' status that keeps getting voted for. The vote is supposed to tale place during the 111th Congress (Jan 2009 - Jan 2011) according to the current draft of the bill.

Tea Leaves time!

The combined statehood and independence crowds outnumber the status-quo group based on what I've read. SO! It looks like PR will end up going to the second vote. When polled in the past if they had to vote for independence OR statehood, the overwhelming majority go with statehood. The independence types are expected to be less than 10% of the vote.

That means that for the 2012 election we could have a new state. If it became a state, Puerto Rico’s delegation would have two senators and six House seats.

I think you all know where I stand! A bit more seriously, it would be a good step in getting PR out of the nasty status its technically in with the Insular Cases. (hack, patooie)

I do have to wonder what sort of strange attractor posting about this would be?


Anonymous said...

" The Puerto Ricans forming the ranks of the gallant 65th Infantry on the battlefields of Korea...are writing a brilliant record of achievement in battle and I am proud indeed to have them in this command. I wish that we might have many more like them."
General Douglas MacArthur
February 12,1951

Puerto Rico's 65th Infantry in Korea:
- 10 Distinguished Service Crosses
- 256 Silver Stars
- 595 Bronze Stars
- 1,014 Purple Hearts


Anonymous said...

(R)Gerald Ford-" I believe that the appropriate status for Puerto Rico is statehood. I propose,therefore, that the people of Puerto Rico and the Congress of the United States begin now to take those steps which will result in statehood for Puerto Rico. I will recommend to the 95th Congress the enactment of legislation."

(D)Jimmy Carter-"My administration will respect the wishes of the people of Puerto Rico and your right to self-determination."

(R)Ronald Reagan-"I favor statehood for Puerto Rico and if the people of Puerto Rico vote for statehood in their coming referendum I would,as President,initiate the enabling legislation to make this a reality."

(R)George H.W.Bush-"As long as Puerto Rico is a territory,the will of its people regarding their political status should be ascertained periodically by means of a general right of referendum."

"Status as a territory was never intended to permanent,either historically or constitutionally.It
was a temporary transitional condition leading to statehood."

(D)Bill Clinton-"It is our policy..
.to work with leaders of the Commonwealth and the Congress to clarify the options to enable Puerto Ricans to determine their preference among options for the island's future status that are not incompatible with the Constitution and basic laws and policies of the United States; and
to implement such an option if chosen by a majority."

(R)George W. Bush-"I do not care about politics.I care about was is right.For Puerto Rico to become a state would be good."

(D)Barack Obama-"I understand and respect the aspiration of the U.S.citizens in Puerto Rico who,like you believe that statehood is the best status option for Puerto Rico,as I understand and respect the aspirations of those who favor other status options for Puerto Rico."

Anonymous said...

Puerto Ricans awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor:

*PFC. Fernando Luis Garcia,USMC
1st Marine Division-Korea

*PFC Carlos James Lozada,USA
173rd Airborne Division-Vietnam

*Cpt. Euripides Rubio,USA 1st Infantry Division-Vietnam

*Spc.4th Class Hector Roque Versace,USA Special Operations-Vietnam