Sunday, May 27, 2007

Puerto Rico Statehood Status Update

Congressional supporters say they are optimistic the U.S. House may pass a bill to allow Puerto Rico statehood or independence.

A bill backed by the White House would establish a two-stage process. Islanders first would choose between maintaining their current status as a U.S. territory or opting for a permanent government, the Miami Herald reported.

If they choose to remain a territory, Puerto Ricans would be asked to repeat the process every eight years until a definitive accord is reached, the Herald reported. If they want a permanent deal, which is the most likely outcome, then the island of four million people would vote again between statehood and a form of independent government.

Okay. A couple updates out of this. The repeated process for every 8 years and that people think that the House is likely to vote on this (and pass it) sometime in the next month. OTOH, looks like a hard(er) sell in the Senate. hmmm. If you are so inclined, write your Senators and let's see this one through. This way we either accept Puerto Rico as a full member of the Union or cut her loose. The status she has now is, frankly, embarassing and unjust.


Anonymous said...

None of your business. Let PR become what it wants to be. You definitely have no authority to accept it or cut it loose. The fact is that Puertorican are Americans since 1898, US Citizens since 1917, and the only question that remains is when will a native Puertorican will be elected as your president. Watch something constructive, visit

Will Baird said...

It is certainly my business as an American: it's a part of my country.

Have you even read about the frakked up Insular Cases? Do you realize that Congress can strip every Puerto Rican of citizenship at any time?