Friday, May 04, 2007

The Yushchenko Comeback?

Once seen as a lame duck, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko now is out-maneuvering the Anti-Crisis coalition (ACC) and the government of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. During the last week the president has reappointed Syatoslav Piskun as prosecutor, removed the deputy head of the Constitutional Court and a second member of the Court by presidential decree, and appointed a loyalist, Stepan Havrysh, to the Court. He also issued a decree rescheduling early parliamentary elections from May 27 to June 24 (see EDM, May 3).

FWIW, Yanukovich agreed to the elections today always. The article above notes that the only nation that has been actively 'helping' in the crisis has been Russia and it is against the polling taking place. It has been vocal about this and some Russian commentators have been talking about annexing Ukraine. I can't help think that this has backfired again on Russia's local allies.

Interesting times.

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