Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Global Warming is Inevitable Part 3?

Sweden’s aerospace and defense powerhouse Saab has launched a new strategic business-development thrust that is aimed at the Arctic waters north of Norway.

At the same time, the Norwegian and Swedish military have announced an initiative to strengthen their bilateral defense procurement and logistics cooperation.

“The receding ice pack of the North Pole will open up, sometime in the next few decades, an all-year ice-free passage along the northern coasts of Russia, connecting Europe with China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan,” says Saab CEO Ake Svensson.

Well, I suppose that's one way of pointing out that the world's going to change and that there's nada that can be done. Companies are already PLANNING for it.

hm. I wonder what this will do to Panama and Egypt's economies. They get tolls for their canal use, da?

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Anonymous said...

Well, after all Sweden and Norway have been into the Northeast passage business for a long time, and SAAB has had interest in the northern satellite business too, IIRC.

I wonder if we can build a major harbor on the outliers of Svalbard. Like King Charles' Forland.