Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The World of Tomorrow?

This is with a 66m sea level rise. I thought I had read that 45m was the max possible, but...something to think about.

Hat tip to Mike.


Anonymous said...

check out this fellow's maps


Anonymous said...

Thw wikipedia article on sea level rise gives approximately ~70 meters for the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps, and gives this as the reference:



Anonymous said...

wow is it possible so many metres?in how many years are you talking about?

Will Baird said...

That many meters may be possible. I had thought based on what I have read that 45m was the maximum. However, it's possible that neglected thermal expansion. Something that has come up in reading about supercontinents is that the great inland seas that we saw in the past like the one in the Cretaceous may not be possible anymore due to continental crust build up. It's worth a post in and of itself.

As for the time frame? The most 'alarmist' of the projections I have seen to date has been a 9m rise by century's end. The worst case scenario possible would have the projected rise above in 200 years. Most think longer.

My bet is for this to be happen a little bit longer than that, but not much. We've been finding things that we expected to happen much later are likely to be on their way far sooner) (re: potentially ice free Arctic during summer within 4 years when we expected it in 30 to 40 years)