Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wrap-up: Paypal Drive

We're winding down the paypal drive. We'll still accept contributions, but we'll lay off actively promoting the drive on the blogs shortly. We did okay. We didn't get enough for a single test, but it will cover two days of propellants. That's a good thing! We really had hoped to turn up enough funding for three days of testing, but cést la vie.

However, if there are a few of you that are still in a giving mood, please give. We can use all we can get. I am hoping to put up some photos of our thrust chamber shortly. We had a delayed delivery. *sighs*

Anyways, donate link below:

If we don't fly this year, next for sure. It seems that others are having major issues themselves. From what it sounds like there may only be Aramdillo flying again. Which is surprising. We'll see.

As for paleo posts, my uber cutie is done puking her guts out today and she found my copy of paleoecology that I talked about in my last post. Carlos also provided the paleo atmosphere paper too. I'm gonna write about both the caste system of paleo plants and the VERY exciting results that the paleo atmosphere paper came up with. By Tuesday. For sure.

Until then, $DINERO grovel.

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