Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sinocentrism: One Perspective from a Conference

On November 15-18, 2012, Dr. Ford attended the 4th Xiangshan Forum in Beijing, an event sponsored by the International Military Branch of the China Association for Military Science of the Academy of Military Science of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The paper he presented to this conference appears on NPF and on the Hudson Institute website. Below, however, appears a follow-up essay based upon Dr. Ford’s experiences at the conference, where he served on a Roundtable discussion group focused upon strategic mutual trust.

Go read.  Its interesting.  I am unsure how to interpret this as yet.  Perhaps they are just getting into the international order and a bit insecure.  That would mean that they will settle into the international order in a manner that will become more relaxed over time as their interests are taken into account and accepted as peers or even leaders in that order.  or this could mean a sign of a future up-ending that order (intentionally or not) based on a Sinocentric model.  I do not have an answer either way.  It will be interesting to watch over the next two decades.  Which will it be?

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