Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ukraine War Update: Для кого лягушка хрипит?

The war has taken significant turns since the last post.  The situation grows ever more precarious.  Let's update.

First off, there have been several tank battles since the Novolaspa fight.  There is some question of how these fights take place.  There are some indications that both sides are using the tanks as highly mobile artillery pieces 9see above from start until 02:12) rather than as tanks are used in the US army.  Had you said American tanks were involved in a tank battle, it'd be rather different.  This would explain why they state there are tank clashes and yet so few tanks seem to be destroyed. 

[note how dry the ground is now]

However, the infantry clashes continue up and down the contact line.  VERY intensely at spots.  MGs, the AGL, and sniper fire gets crazy in various places.  They are too numerous to cover even half of them without turning this into a laundry list post only.

The artillery duels have been insane.  Donetsk last night had impacts every few seconds.  MLRS launches are constant in Donetsk, fire, reload, fire, repeat.  Mariupol was literally shaking from the artillery impacts.  Mariupol itself does not seem to be under fire, just everywhere around it. However, ambulances are racing all over the city itself.  Sartana, just north of Mariiupol has been pasted.  There are several Ukrainian civvie dead.

Related, the Ukrainian Marines have reported the DNR has been infiltrating Shirokyne and building defenses.  Recall the Ukrainians occupied Shirokyne for a time after the DNR pulled out and destroyed what was there.  Then the UAF retreated back as part of the agreement to demilitarize Shirokyne.  Well, guess what?  

In Gorlovka, a curfew of 11 PM has been imposed.

The Donnie Rebs retook Novolaspa.  This is not a surprise given the UAF pulled out of their own accord.  However, they moved a LOT of artillery and armor into the town and even pushed beyond, right up to contact with the UAF.  Since then, they have been pounding the UAF positions in Starohnativka since.

Also, T-90 tanks have been IDed in the DNR.  Some how I doubt India, Uganda, Algeria, Azerbaijan or Turkmenistan have sent their T-90s to Ukraine.  

Several more convoys of tanks have been spotted going across the border from Russia to Ukraine.  Some are T-90s.  Many are other models.

Huge convoys of trucks have been leaving the Donbass.  Reports are the trucks are quite laden based on how trucks' shocks.  The stripping of the Donbass by Russia continues it seems.

Soldiers in Mariupol are getting geared up as of 11 PM their time.  They are being told to expect action.  The Marines will act as the tripwire and take the brunt of whatever is coming, but the other soldiers will have to finish absorbing what's coming and push back.  There are not enough UAF Marines to do so.  Even though they are damned good.

Zakharchenko, head of the DNR, announced the Ukrainians will be launching an offensive in the early AM.  This is a clear sign the DNR will be doing so.  They always announce something like this when they plan on attacking the rest of Ukraine.

When this report goes up, the offensive may have begun given the time difference.  Or may not.  As I have said before, not a word out of the mouths of the Donnie Rebs can be trusted.

Oh, and New York, Putin is watching you!

People reported hearing, "You cannot hide from me..."  This would confirm Putin's alignment with the Dark One, don't you?  ;)

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