Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Picking Through the Republican Crazies, ahem, Candidates

I've watched the debates now and started reading the different positions of the hud load of candidates this time around.  Being a Republican this time is going to be a chore.

Trump is out.  The man is a rude to the extreme and some diplomacy is needed for dealing with the rest of the world.  Likewise, his stance on vaccines is horrifying.  Nevermind anything else.

Bush is likewise out.  The guy is like a fish out of water and has so little energy you might lose some just sitting near him for too long.

I do see Kasich has plausible.  Rubio strikes out on climate change.  Bad.  A senator from Florida not going to do anything about climate change.  The rising seas will take care of the Florida problem in time.

However, I might be voting in the primary for either of them in the republican primary.

 Looking at the Republican field, it seems there are seems to be a candidate for each of the factions, but none like Jon Huntsman.  While I didn't agree with Huntsman on many things, he represented a different branch, the more liberal branch of the Republican party.  One that is very...rare these days.  What's marveling is that I can call him the more liberal side of the party.  It means it really has gone to the crazies.  le sigh.

On the broader landscape, between Kasich or Rubio vs Clinton, I'd probably go with the latter.  If it was Bernie vs the batch this time around, I'd definitely go Bernie.

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