Sunday, September 27, 2015

Robopocalypse #24: Shivers, Shuttles and Sneaks


A drone filmed a very large shiver (aka school) of sharks (see video above).

The FAA is under pressure to increase enforcement of regulation of consumer drones.  The most recent mishap is of a drone crashing and injuring a 11 month old toddler.

The FAA is looking at requiring collision avoidance systems and other restrictions for large drones.

The NFL has gotten permission to fly drones for game coverage.  I am waiting for the ball to take out a drone at some point.

A university professor is boosting drones for agricultural use.

Another entrepreneur is getting drones to work for agriculture rather than researching it.

Is that a drone in your pocket?

The Flybi drone has VR goggles that allow you to see what the drone's camera does and points the camera where your head turns.  It also has automatic battery changing.

One drone maker thinks drones are part of the internet of things.

And prisons are using drones to counter smuggling.

Drones are playing a critical role looking for the missing in Central Texas flooding.

Self Driving Cars:

The WePod (above) self driving shuttle is going to be tested in the Netherlands in November, but under hefty restrictions.

A former GM and BMW exec is warning Apple that its car efforts are going to be a big money pit.

DriveAI is attempting to develop an equivalent kit of sensors and computers needed for self driving cars at 1/50th the cost of what Google currently pays.

Tesla, Google and Apple are racing to the first salable self driving car.

A Forbes article counters the auto industry stating Apple can succeed in developing its own self driving car.

Self driving buses are likely to follow the cars and trucks onto the road.  Given how little the tech bus drivers are paid, self driving buses are a good idea.

3d Printing:

Here's more on the monster 3d printer for 'houses.'

Architectural detailing may make a come back with 3d printing.

They are now able to 3d print smart memory materials, allowing them to change shape after being printed.

The US Navy and Royal Navy are greatly expanding their 3d printing experiments.

The 3d printer market might be going through some significant turnover.

Samsung got a patent for multicolored inks in 3d printers.  Erm.  Prior art?

Autodesk has bought 3d printing software company netfabb.

Caterpillar has been in 3d printing for a while now.

The first bio-ink 3d printing cartridges have been created with a living cells.

There is now a a way to print 'fabric' with thermoplastic polyurethane.

Porcelain is a material now added to the list of things that can be 3d printed.

Why MakerBot is placing 3d printers in schools.


Every playground needs robots, right?

Buyers of the Pepper 'emotional' robot have to sign a good behavior release.

Don't want to wait for an item because you can't make it?  Send a telepresence bot!

Timing can be better!  The day after a Target store in Brooklyn announces it will be unionizing, Target announces its interest in robotic and information solutions to improve costs, etc.  It invested in a startup accelerator for that purpose.

Rethink Robotics' Sawyer goes on sale and Rethink gets profiled.

Thiel Backed Auris Surgical Robotics raised $150 Million.

Surgical bots are already helping out.

China is embracing robots in its factories.  What will they do with the workers?

The Russians have unveiled a creepy cockroach looking spy robot.

Savioke's attempts to bring robot delivery into the hotel are looked at again.

5 robots that could possibly revolutionize industry.

Bad professor white board writing might get a hand from the robopocalypse!


Sometimes the Robopocalypse can be fun.
The Cerberus equipment adds video feeds and more from dogs.

Using self driving cars as an example, here's a call for medical devices to develop in a similar way to save lives.

A paralyzed man has been granted the ability to walk by allowing his brain to communicate directly with the limbs through implants.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning algorithms may be able to better predict whether or not various breast cancer treatments will work.

How can machines forget something?

Machine learning is being unleashed to track down the sources of Ebola.

Watson is being used to study the public's vacation photos. 

Watson may also be used for teaching robots social skills.  What could possibly go wrong, Mr Connor?

Body language is the next great frontier for Watson et al.

Software bots:

Software bots are already changing outsourcing is conducted.

Virtual assistants are the prototypes for tomorrow's bots.


MarketWatch contrasts the regulatory environment between drones and self driving cars.


Should we worry about the machine uprising?  Or will the bots not only take our jobs but our very LIVES?!

Our expectations of bots have been overinflated in a big, big way.

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