Thursday, November 19, 2015

China is Buying 24 Su-35 Fighters From Russia for $2 Billion

Russia and China have signed a contract on the delivery of 24 multirole Su-35 Flanker jet fighters, Rostec’s director of international cooperation and regional policy Viktor Kladov said Thursday.

“The long negotiations have ended with the signing of a contract on the delivery of 24 multirole Su-35 fighters to China,” Kladov told RIA Novosti.

He added that China is the first foreign country to sign a contract on the delivery of the newest Su-35s.

The Su-35 fighter jet (NATO reporting name Flanker-E) is an upgraded version of the Su-27 multirole fighter. It was first introduced to a foreign audience at the 2013 Paris Air Show.

Indonesia, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates have also expressed interest in purchasing Su-35 jets, according to Rostec.


EDIT!  14:12 PT: I ought to have put it in earlier, but this procurement has enormous implications for the J-20 introduction.  Buying the Su-35 implies the J-20 is being significantly delayed.

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