Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Live Blogging the Republican Debate (again)

Here we go again.  We have 8 candidates left now in the big kids table.

The economy is the focus for tonight.

Minimum wage first.

Trump: not sympathetic to minimum wage.  taxes too high.  raising it will make US uncompetitive.
Carson: going off topic.  gah.  everytime minimum wage raised, less jobs.  especially hurts black.  wages are to blame.  educate, don't raise minimum wage.

Rubio: a)  mumbling about his folks.  bah.  answer a question.  old or new. no raising the wage.  haha invokes robopocalypse!!!!  goes off topic again.  b) repeal obamacare. 

National Debt, how to cut government spending:

Kasich:  cut taxes, including business taxes.  hrm.  see website for details for tax reduction & balance budget.  move medicare growth from 7% to 5% growth.  freeze non defense discretionary spending.  do not freeze defense spending.

Recession expected, tax reform:

Cruz: economy most important.  snipes at Obama.  IMF wrong.  3 ways to make economy grow.  tax reform, 10% flat tax.  2nd, regulatory reform.  3rd sound money.  wuh?  Reagan had sound money.

Kasich: interrupted.  attacks value added tax.

40% Americans not looking for job.  what to change for 4% growth:

Bush: tax reform first.  corporate 20%.  regulatory repeal all of Obama's.  regulation of internet.  clean power.  waters of US.  repeal all because the cost is more than social benefit.  gets in a Clinton attack.  poverty.  I see some energy for a change.

Jobs under Obama, Bush, and Clinton:

Fiorina:  ... anecdote time.  ugh.  big government is bad.  politics is the big business.  five things.  zero base budgeting.  reform tax code (simple 3 pages).  total review of regulations.  have to hold gov employees accountable.  I missed one somewhere.

Income inequality:

Paul: does matter.  blames democrats.  ugh.  look for root causes.  blames federal reserve.  brings up negative interest.  republicans the heroes.  baaaah.

This feels like a Q&A rather than a debate.

Double Standards in Media:

Carson: all candidates should be vetted.  claims media is lying.  takes a shot at Clinton about Benghazi. 

Illegal Immigrants:

Trump:  loves the court decision.  claims illegal immigration is hurting everywhere.  blame the immigrant.  needs borders, giant wall in the south.  country of laws.  kick out the illegals and then allow people in legally.

Kasich: comments on Trump.  invokes Reagan.  claims Trump is ridiculous.  Put in the wall, but the 11M are staying here.

Trump:  invokes Ike.  bashes Kasich.

Bush: calls Trump nice.  12M.  to send them back is not possible.  not american.  Says Clinton loves the immigrant debate.  has a point.  says everyone ought to have a path.

Trump:  says its unfair to those trying to come in legally.

WHOA Robopocalypse question:

Rubio: calling this a transformation.  compares candy crush to telephone.  erm.  talks health care, reform, outdated higher education.  I think he's missing the point.

How can you reduce Entitlements, why?:

Cruz:  no changes for seniors, for younger workers different.  wants to talk immigration, anti immigration.  says illegals reduce wages.  legal immigration, not illegal.

How do we get rid of regulations, health care:

Fiorina: kill Obamacare.  her favourite words!  crony capitalism.  blames big government.  real free market for health care.  strokes her harp about her awesome.  secret sauce of america...uh.  yeah.  no comment.  kill regulation.  meritocracy.  loooves her some scott walker.  let states manage high risk pools.

Flat tax:

Carson: everyone should pay fairer.  Get rid of all deductions and loopholes.  does care about the poor.  rebate at the poverty level.  grow economy to fix poverty.

Will your budget crisis with your tax plan:

Paul:  wants to choke government.  part of a balanced budget plan.  claims 1% cut across the board will balance board.  14.5% for corp or people, no payroll tax.  home, mortage and charity deductions.

Explain your tax plan:

Cruz:  current system no fair.  more words in the tax code than the bible.  o.O  wtf does that have to do with the price of tea tax in china.  same flat tax for rich or poor.  corp get a flat tax.  kill irs.  look at website.  exporting corp/biz get tax exemption.

Tax reform, will you guarantee it:

Bush:  fight as hard as can.   dude.  real incomes are down a lot more than that.  look at the diff between 1975 and now.

 Tax plan, large expansion for child tax credit costs too much?:

Rubio: nonsense.  kids most important. this is pro family tax code.

Paul:  calls Rubio's kid tax credit a welfare.  calls him not tax.

Rubio:  this is payroll tax is people's money.

Paul/Rubio DOG FIGHT!

Paul: Calls Rubio liberal in spending.

Cruz:  national defense is affordable.  sugar subsidies, kill them.

Fiorina:  tax reform with zero base budgeting.  bucks the

Trump:  military bigger and stronger.  any republican tax plan.

TPP trade treaty:

Trump: bad deal.  helps China (wuh).  worst trade deal ever.  Trade is bad for the US.  China is NOT part of the TPP.  o.O  I cannot understand what he is talking about.  does he expect China to join the TPP then?

Paul:  POINT!  Points TPP doesn't include China.  Should negotiate from strength and claims congress is 'fixed.' in the vet sense.

Terrorist Attacks increased, support Obama or not in Syria, Afghanistan:

Carson: Special forces in syria good.  talks Putin, has to oppose Putin.  calls Obama's strategy ineffective.  Losers...uh.  Says to fight in Iraq to defeat IS.

Homeland security:

Bush: biggest threat.  bashes obama. create safe zones.

Is Russia top problem, what does pres trump do about Russia:

Trump:  says there are many problems.  likes Putin.  o.O  wtf.  For Russia's help against IS.  Ukraine, says Germany are sitting on their butt.  says we can't be police man of the world.

Bush: trump wrong.  calls Trump a board game player.

Trump: says Assad bad, but rebels no idea.  says look at the mess we've made in the middle east.  wtf.  these guy is ... whacked.

Fiorina:  not negotiate in weakness.  Mocks Trump.  rebuild military.  oppose Putin.  America must lead.


Paul:  no fly zone, better realize we are saying we are going to fight the Russians.  mocks Fiorina for not talking to Russians.  Not arm IS.  takes a shot at McCain indirectly.  o.O  we didn't attack assad.

Rubio:  calls Putin to be mafia.  he's getting Putin.  frack.  o.O  Gets into the IS is coming for us thing again.

China, cyber attacks and Chinese investments, should we stop them:

Kasich: states cyber war could be used against China.  aggressive foreign policy.  for TPP.  compliments obama on south china sea.

break.  looks like there was some debate after all.  The control isn't perfect though by the moderators.  Trump tried to sound like he was the boss there.  Fiorina keeps jumping in.  Worrisome that it feels like Paul has given the most thought to his positions.  I disagree with them, but he's given some thought while the others don't seem to have.  Well, Rubio some.

 Would you bail out banks?

Bush: bashes dodd-frank.  raise capital requirements.  won't need to bailout banks.  says community banks getting trashed.  There are a lot less of those in california.  bashes clinton. 

break up banks?:

Carson: anti enlargement for big banks, corporations to grow.  avoiding breaking up banks question.  o.O  claims regulation is the problem.  o.O  regulations hurting real problem, not rich.  does not want to bust the bank trusts.

Rubio: gov made banks big.  regulations problem.

Kasich: wall street is too greedy. hahahahhaa.  that's what wall street has always been.  values first.

Would you go after wall street:

Cruz: will hunt wall street crooks. no bailing out the banks.  bashes fed.  gold bug.  gah.

Kasich:  mocks cruz.  mocks obama,  says congress running fed bad. 

Cruz/Kasich dog fight.

Fiorina jumps in!  Calls Dodd-frank is socialism.  gov caused real estate bubble. 

Clinton more experienced, why you better?:

Rubio:  pick based on future for the country.  answered q

Cruz:  bad policies under Clinton.

Overseas tax havens:

Trump:  10% tax on money come in.

Climate Change:

Paul:  repeal regs.  balance environment vs economy.  pro coal.

Bush: 10% carbon emissions thru fracking.

Fox just cut off climate change discussion.   talk about expected.

Closing Statements:

Paul:  We're best.  Only fiscal conservative.

Kasich:  worry about dem win.  traditional conservative.

Fiorina:  bashes Clinton.  vote me.

Bush:  vote me, support vets.

Cruz:  family story.  invokes saint reagan

Rubio:  Washington out of touch.  Republicans only can save america.  Vote me.

Carson:  America special.  nti PC.

Trump:  vote me.  I'm awesome.  bashes clinton.

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