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NotLiveBlog: Returning to the Democratic Debate

Ok.  I am returning to the debate.  Ii'll pseudo live blog it.  However, I'll be able to go back and pause the playback of the debate to make longer, better comments.

I will say before I get started I am very disappointed the candidates, at least as they commented in the part of the debate I watched before my call on friday seem to have missed the boat as far as the strategic holiday being over.  The world has changed, but it also changed in a way that seems these Democratic Candidates are stuck in the Oughts rather than the current time, never mind, looking forward to the future in terms of defense.

Returning to wall street:

Clinton (can she be trusted with Wall Street potentially bribing her): yes.  you can.  I have a very aggressive plan.  go after shadow banking 

Sanders: clinton's response not good enough.  why has wall street been a major contributor to Hillary's campaigns.  Invokes Teddy Roosevelt.  o.O  Saint Reagan first, now saint Roosevelt.  WS is going to get influence with Clinton.


Clinton: She felt she was smeared by sanders there.  Let's be honest.  he did smear her.  however, he's probably being honest.  The contributions are expected to have some influence associated with them.  To think otherwise is naive at best.  Unpausing clinton here.  Trots out women as majority as contributors.  Trots out 9/11.  o.O  She doesn't refute the allegation of undue influence, actually.  how amusing.  She says her plan is more aggressive than Sanders for reigning in WS right afterwards.  The devil, Madame Secretary, is in the details and riders.  That's normally where they get their influence.

Sanders: calls the entirety of the corrupt campaign system.  show by example.  Go trust busting.  who-ah.

Clinton gave him a death look.  dude.

O'Malley: attacks Clinton's choices for advisors.  Says we need new economic thinking.  Yes, but what, Gov?  He attacks Clinton and says Clinton's plan is 'weak tea.'  Reinstate modern version of glass-steagal (sp).

Clinton: attacks O'Malley again.  states she will go after big banks *IF* they misbehave?  Oh come on!  If they are NOT misbehaving is the real question here.  geez.  C'mon, Sec.  She threatens to go after banks then and prosecute the bankers if they screw up.  Sooo...why didn;t she persuade Obama to do so?!

Sanders: Wall Street is fraud.  hrm.  not sure I'd go THAT far, but whether or not they play by the rules is very much in question though.  WS will not be Sanders' cabinet.


Clinton (Sanders differences):  My record is better.  claims Sanders voted to make gun lobby stronger.  Talks about 3k people killed by guns since vegas debate.  Claims Sanders tainted.

Called out by moderator who says shouldn't the same level of 'stain' be on Clinton for Iraq vote?

Clinton:  Says she made a mistake.  Offers to reverse the immunity and let Sanders come back from the dark side there.

Sanders: willing to fix many of the pieces of the bad bill.  also brings up mental health with respect to gun control.  Won't call his vote a mistake though.

O'Malley: Attacks Sanders, lightly.  Slams Clinton saying she's been on three sides of the issue.  Says Clinton leads by polls and not by principle.  ouch.

Sanders:  Baltimore not safest city in  America.  dang.  Bring people together for consensus on gun control bill.  Put an olive branch out to clinton there.  nice dialback of the slamming.

Clinton: Slams Sanders by saying he could provide leadership in the Senate for new gun control.

Twitter goes after Clinton for Wall Street donations and using 9/11 for donations.  daaaaang.

Clinton: sorry you got that impressive.  Lady, *I* got that impression and I could pause the yammering.  yeesh.  Says she got donations because they felt she did a good job helping NYC recover from 9/11.

Sanders: Clinton did a good job in NYC.  However, WS is evil.  Their business model is greed.  Dude.  That's just capitalism.  Period.  Greed motivates.  It doesn't matter if its the guy looking for a better salary or the gal starting a business.  Money is what they are largely after...and they plan on getting as much as possible while doing something they enjoy.  Must break up giant banks.  Says CLinton unwilling to break up banks is a demonstration of her being influenced by WS.

Clinton: Invokes Krugman!  woo!  I'm awesome look at the name dropping!  woo!  Thinks bank busting would not fix wall street.  I'll have to talk to my economist friends here.  However, Sanders seems to have a point there.

O'Malley:  6 biggest banks on wall street are too powerful and their mere existence is a threat to us all if they should fail again (point).  Invokes CRONY CAPITALISM.  Fiorina is gonna like him!  ;)  Disputes Sanders and says there are good people in finance.  However, you have to protect main street from wall street.

BREAK. glad I can skip it now.  lol.

The conservative revolution (hrm).  How to deal with it as president.

Sanders:  he seems to be dodging the question here.  o.O  he seems to be implying the con rev is due to the political corruption from the campaign finance mess.  He's spouting about the people revolution thing again.  he's smart, but...uh...not answering the question other than to state he'll get people to change things, not how he'll work with his opposition.

Clinton's emails, are you being a hypocrite Sen Sanders?:

Sanders:  still sick and tired of clinton's emails.  Wants media to pay attention to income inequality/middle class disappearing.  incarceration.  go to real issues, not fluff.

Clinton: agrees with Sanders.  More americans for getting people, credits Sanders.  Says Republicans trying to prevent americans from participating.  Says Obama should get more credit than he does.

Last email question, any danger of any shoe dropping?

Clinton: 11 hours prove I'm fine.  Republicans bad, bad bad.

Race Relations, police & FBI/DEA stupid comments.

O'Malley:  claims he's done a great job with fixing the police and improving race relations.  hrm.  What city is in Maryland again that had problems recently over this?  hrm.  Black Lives Matter.

Black America, no hope question:

Wow.  Almost feels like whitesplaining there in that question.  o.O

Sanders: there is little hope right now.  1/4 chance of black males.  51% of black american graduates unemployed.  need to fix criminal justice system.  end minimum sentencing.  remove 420 from crime.  make it legal.

Black lives matter, difference between activism and getting laws passed, and university of Missouri, are you pro activist?

Clinton: activism good, she's a child of the 60s.  children of color?  uhm.  odd turn of phrase.  trots out people's dead kids.  not sure I like this, lady.  I get you met with these people, but it feels like you're using them for personal gain rather than helping fix the problem.  uh.  Fix everything.  she so feels like the politician right now.

Free Tuition, throwing away money:

There's an implication here which is being ignored in the quesiton.  a nontrivial number of people NEVER finish school because of money issues, not just flunk out.

Sanders: its not throwing away money.  UC used to be pretty free.  yup.  

where will the money come from:

Sanders: states will do the right thing.  college degree is the same as a HS degree 50 years ago.  So is SO freakin right.

O'Malley:  agrees with Sanders.  debt free college is the goal.  I've done it.  boo yah!  ;)  Disagrees Sanders, debt free college, not free college.  Proud of daughters going to college, but they're going to be proud of them every month for the rest of their natural lives (meaning paying the debt), not a bad one liner there, Gov.

Clinton: Community college free, debt free for for university (public).  meh.  says Trump's kids shouldn't be paid for by tax payers.  odd comment.  yes, true, but they're not likely to go to a public university.  meh.  

Health care:

Scrap Obamacare, single payer system, no insurance companies:

Sanders: possible after campaign reform.  we get ripped off.  beats his revolution drum again.  medicare for all.

Clinton made sandersesque comments about single payer:

Clinton: revolution never came.  Obamacare good.  defend Obamacare.  Sanders ends everything, hands to states.  makes a dig at terry brandstead (sp).  This was a shot at Sanders.

Sanders: expand medicare to everyone.  no opt out like in Obamacare.  healthcare a right nor not.


Crisis in personal experience.

Clinton: brings out bin laden.  how is this difficult?!  o.O  no certainty.  well, yeah, intel is never certain. good grief.  said to go get bin laden.

O'Malley: no crisis is at the state or local level matches national.  learned discipline.  been tried under emergencies. he led and governed even in a crisis.

Sanders:  honor of the US senate vet affairs sitting, tried to fix va healthcare.  not really applied.  Sat down and worked with those he didn't agreement.  lost what he wanted, but got the best he could.

Closing statements:

O'Malley:  new thinking is him.  not the others.  digs at clinton and sanders calling them divisive.  Find threats ahead of time.  America can do anything with the proper leadership.

Clinton:  talking about you, not me.  president is to work for people, not herself.  even the odds for every american.  work her heart out for americans.

Sanders:  income inequality, health care, corruption, problems.  fix these problems.  revolution drum beat again.  take back the country. 

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