Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Robopocalypse Report #30


MIT has successfully developed the software for drones to autonomously avoid objects.  Their demo at 30 mph is seen above and written about here.

University of Pennsylvania is working to develop drones to be used for precision farming.

More on Google's Project Wing delivery drone's planned introduction in 2017.

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is developing a drone that can start fires for controlled burns.  This can only end well, says the guy who grew up in Los Alamos.  I agree says the Chicagoan thinking of Devil's Night.

Interactive 3d displays using BitDrones.

In Ireland, all drones over 1 kg will be required to be registered.

One Virginia startup is seeking to detect and protect people from drones.

This piece speculates on the future of drones.

Self Driving Cars:

Self driving buse are being tested in Greece.

Self driving buses are coming to Switzerland next year.

In 2013, Ford developed a self driving technology for testing cars with, but not for passengers to ride along.  They are now offering that technology to other car manufacturers.  Ford is coming around to the Google's idea to remove all manual driving.

Volkswagon has stolen a self driving car guru from Apple.

Self driving cars will be on the road by 2020, but American cities won't be ready for them.

Self driving cars are not that smart, actually.

A British regulator warns self driving cars will still crash.

Massachusetts is starting to do a legal push to allow testing and, eventually, deployment of self driving cars in their roads.

One futurist seems to think self driving cars will be obsolete before they are developed.  I think he doesn't understand Americans very well and what a car represents.

On the flipside, another article states adoption of self driving cars will be slow.

Daimler has started downplaying the idea of selling their self driving trucks to the Middle East.  You have to wonder why they are spinning that.  Was there some sort of rumor to the contrary?

One futurist claims self driving cars will dominate the roads of 2030.

Dutch man.  Tesla Autodrive.  Stupidity.

3d Printing:

Local Motors' LM3D Swim 3d printed car is supposed to start delivery in 2017.

Audi is interested in 3d printing and made a 3d printed 'toy' car.  One large enough for people to fit in.

Thermwood is developing a 3d printer with multiple materials.

Profiling the use of 3d printing for fashion.

A Japanese designer has taken 3d printing and scanning to a new level for clothing.

The US Air Force has funded a study on 3d printing rocket engines.

China's embrace of 3d printing requires innovation, not brute force.


MIT has developed a flexible use snake-like robot.

Here's more on the delivery bot that is definitely not a drone.

There's a bot for checking inventory on shelves in markets. It can also tell if something has been placed in the wrong shelf.

In China, a robot was designed and built to walk.  And walk it did.  For 83 miles in 54 hours.  It set a new world record.

The robot market in China is reported to be booming.

Google's robotics group is, at best, a mess.

Disney has developed a tool allowing for the development and printing of walking robots for beginners.

The rise of the robo chef is discussed.

The Robopocalypse has come for the rock band in the form of Compressorhead.

As has been reported many times over the years, the Robopocalypse has been totally infiltrating the dairy farm.  In Vermont, this is definitely happening.

Also in agricultural, there is a robotics planting prize challenge.

This post speculates if robotics are the future of construction sites.

This other post states robotics will utterly change construction over the next 50 years.

Yup, the sex bots are nearly here.

How robotics will impact car manufacturing in Alabama is discussed here.

This post talks about the changes in robotics and how they will impact manufacturing.

Software Bots:

The Robopocalypse has come for paleobotanists.  Sorta.

Fujitsu is looking at a software bot for dealing with traffic congestion.

In a Scientific American podcast, machine learning is considered.

Scientific American also has a video on almost intelligent agents.

Neural nets improve computer conversational skills.

A new algorithm can ID smear campaigns in reviews.

Could even the CEO be replaced by bots?


Meet the neuroscientist who was one of the original recipients of a brain implant.


According to some, the Robopocalypse arrived and nobody noticed.

Toyota is embracing the Robopocalypse by setting up a robotics facility in Silicon Valley near Stanford and will set another near MIT.  Their interest is far beyond self driving cars.

Bank of America Merril Lynch has a report on the effects (pdf) of the Robopocalypse.   The Guardian has their interpretation of what is written therein.

The important American court case will determine whether or not 3d models can be patented.


The "Centaur Model" is one way the US military is planning on embracing the Robopocalypse in its Third Offset Strategy.

The Washington Post rails against terminator bots aka autonomous armed robots.

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