Friday, November 06, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #28

The rebels have retaken Atshan from the Assadites.

Someone other than the Assadites used mustard gas in Syria.  The media has reported this was the rebels.  Others connected to the rebels are saying the report is incorrect and it was IS.  Not sure who did at this point, just that someone did use chemical weapons.

A Russian airstrike apparently killed 42 in Raqqa...which is held by the Assadites.  erm.

In Hama, the weather is restricting the Syrian, but not Russian air strikes.

Putin has suspended all flights to and from Egypt.  This would strongly imply the Russians have come around to thinking the loss of the airliner was because of terrorism.  45,000 Russians are stranded in Russia now.

The airline itself seems to think an external impact caused the aircraft to go down.  That would mean a SAM given the IR signature picked up from space.  This contradicts what others have released already.

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