Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #33

The Syrian Civil War became far more complicated when Paris was attacked.  The French hit Raqa with multiple bombings.  Raqa is the IS HQ.  The point of the reports here have been focused on the Russian involvement in the Syrian Civil War.  Putin is on the cusp of getting back into the international system through supporting France's seemingly coming offensive in Syria.  To be honest, it makes me sick.  Hollande will probably trade away the sanctions for the support in Syria.  gah.

This post series will focus on the Russians still, but may fade away if Russia's Most Syrian Adventure becomes subsumed into the French Fury.  We shall see.

Hollande is going to both Washington (Nov 24) and Moscow (Nov 26).

Russia has carried out 2300 air strikes in the last 48 days it has been in Syria.  In the last 24 hours, there have been 140 targets hit.

Russia has a started using its medium and strategic bombers: the Tu-22s (14), Tu-95s (6) and Tu-160s  (5) have started striking targets.  The Russians have been firing cruise missiles at Aleppo province from those bombers.

The Russians have admitted it was a bomb that took down their airliner and have vowed revenge.

Russia has stated it has 50 aircraft, - fighters, strike fighters and helicopters - in Syria now.  It will be adding another 37 aircraft, but it is unclear which types.  If the proportion of troops is the same has it is now, 4,000 troops for 50 aircraft, then Russia will be expanding their boots on the ground to at least 7,000.

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