Thursday, November 19, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #35

Kafr Nabudah being bombarded. Supposedly this was done by the Russians and with cluster munitions.

The Russians hit a total of 138 targets today.

The Russians also used their strategic bombers again today.

Russia did use its 'new' Kh-101 cruise missiles in Syria.  A total of 12 cruise missiles were fired today.

Maps shown on Russian TV appear to show Russian ground troops outside of Homs.  The Russians confirmed they have deployed artillery and helicopters deep into Syria. (Called it!)  I bet there will be an admission they have motorized rifle and tank battalions there, too, in the future.

With Daesh/IS having pretty much pissed off the world - even killing a Chinese hostage! - its days are almost assuredly numbered.  However, everyone is wondering whither Assad under the circumstances?  The Russians think the world's views on Assad have changed in the aftermath of the Paris attack.

Syria's foreign minister will be visiting Russia on Nov 25 for consultations.  Russia's foreign minister will be holding talks with Turkey on the same day.

Russia and France have competing motions in the UN.  Russia thinks its resolution will pass by Friday.  The Russian resolution also calls for supporting Assad.

The Russians are still stating they are talking with France to coordinate in France.  Interestingly, little has been said by the French. The most I have seen is Paris thinks Russia is open to coordinating against Daesh/IS.

The Kyivsky train station in Moscow was evacuated due to a bomb threat.

Russia is making a dubious claim that may backfire: the bomb that took down the Metrojet airliner has a lot in common with (so sayeth Mother Russia) the 1999 bomb that blew up an apartment block in Moscow.  That's a stretch at best and most likely more Russian propaganda.

The US still believes Russia to be in decline but its still dangerous.

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