Monday, November 23, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #38

The Aviationist put together a graphic explaining the operations by Russia's bombers, rather than strike fighters.

The Russians conducted 472 airstrikes in the last 72 hours.

We know Russia's Kh-101 cruise missiles are less than perfect.  At least one crashed in Iran.  Amusingly, the Iranians are claiming its an Iranian UAV.

Russia is claiming its airstrikes have greatly reduced the oil income of Daesh/IS.

Assad claims his forces are advancing on all fronts due to Russian help (and Iranian, too, presumably). This seems to be specifically the case in the Homs province.

The Russian drills in the Med have completed according to the Lebanese.

The Iraqis are closing the airspace between Kurdish territory in the north and southern Iraq due to the volume of bombers and cruise missiles traversing the area. And here.

The German FM claims Russia is serious about a political solution in Syria.  Steinmeier has progressed from a fool to a stooge.  The stage past that is not probably fit for a public, semi family friendly blog.

Putin is going to Tehran for talks focused on Syria.

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