Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Russia's Most Syrian Adventure #39

The news blowing up the wires, is Turkey shot down an Su-24. The aircraft violated its airspace and the Turks, having warned the Russians before, took out the aircraft. In fact, the Turks apparently warned the pilot ten times before F-16s shot it down. The Russians claim the aircraft did NOT violate Turkish air space. The Russians were hunting for the pilot and back seater with helicopters and the rebels seem to have found one of the two (and provided video proof). They claim he is dead. The Russians are claiming Turkmen rebels shot both pilots dead.

 As you can imagine this has set off a shbt storm: Russia is calling this a VERY serious incident.

The Russian responses has been one very big tour company has cancelled all tours to Turkey from Russia and Lavrov has cancelled a planned trip to Turkey.

War on the Rocks has a 'live blog' of what the world leaders are saying.

T-90s supposedly outside of Aleppo.  That may be Putin's 2nd phase of his operations.

There are reports the Russians are conducting ground ops. 

Foxtrot Alpha takes a look at the use of cheap Russian bombs by the Assadite army.

A Tu-160 refueling over the Caspian Sea.

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