Monday, November 23, 2015

Scuffle in the South China Sea #14

The US is likely to conduct at least one more Freedom of Navigation action before Christmas in the South China Sea.

China is telling everyone to knock it off and stop stirring up trouble in the south china sea. They claim they will not impinge on the freedom of navigation for the SoC.  Note: this is NOT the same as saying they will not claim the sea as chinese territory and claim all the resources therein.

China is also coming under increasing criticism from other nations over the scuffle and the US is gaining success in courting the south east asian nations.

Interestingly, China might be making enemies of its neighbors and playing into America's hands.   I have to wonder if ghost of SEATO might rise again due to Chinese blunders.  That would be a major victory for the US and significant set back for China.

Japan has come out in support of the US Freedom of Navigation operations in the South China Sea.

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