Thursday, November 05, 2015

Stealth Saga #13


South Korea has set up a commission to get the KF-X stealth fighter program back on track.


Supposedly India has agreed to buy 154 PAK-FAs.

Yet in an article on the PAK-FA and PAK-DA, Russia Military Reform (blog) says the collaboration with the Indians has stalled.  It also casts doubt on the purported rate of development and development of both platforms given Russia has now said there will only be 12 PAK-FA's by 2020 in service when there were supposedly going to be 52.

B-3 Long Range Strike Bomber:

After all the zaniness working up to the announcement of who the LRS-B was going to made by, what do we really know about the oh so stealthy bomber?  Not much.

Boeing has been debriefed about why they lost the contract.  Now will we see them protest?

Three different generals make the case for the LRS-B.

The LRSB has taken a budget hit ($230M).

The USAF REALLY needs the LRS-B procurement to go off without a hitch.

War is Boring, of course, argues the US Air Force ought to buy more LRS-B bombers and a lot less F-35s.

"Potential" USAF UCAV:

General Otto, in an article about one man 'cockpits' for the Reaper drones, states the US Air Force wants an unmanned missile truck to accompany the F-35.  There are rumors this may already exist.

F-35 Lighting II:

Apparently, there are parts of the F-35 that only the US will have access to, even ones sold to foreign nations like Israel.

Republican Presidential Nominee candidate Donald Trump has come out against the F-35.  Or potentially so.

Prime Minister Trudeau will be consulting with President Obama prior to reopening the fighter competition and withdrawing from the F-35 program.

The F-35 test fired its gatling gun in the air.

Lockheed Martin has received a $5.37 billion contract action for 55 Lot IX Joint Strike Fighters, including 41 F-35As, 12 F-35Bs and 2 F-35Cs.  Six F-35As are for Norway,  seven are for Israel and two for Japan. Six F-35B are for the Royal Navy and six for the US Marine Corps.  The Marine Corps and Navy will each get a F-35C. 

The Italian pilots have passed the first steps of training on the F-35.

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