Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Skyscraper Vertical Forest Planned for Switzerland

Following an architectural competition, Italy's Stefano Boeri has been given the nod to design a "vertical forest" for Lausanne, Switzerland. The novel tower will be dominated by greenery and boast some sustainable technology, including solar power and rainwater collection.

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Anonymous said...

Cool thing is, shots from the exclusion zone around Chernobyl have shown that trees can very well and all grow, on top of multistory buildings. So, as much as the biologist in me looks at that design and wants to scoff at the thought of trying to sustain such a vertical ecosystem, it does seem to somewhat work out in reality. So if they build this well, they could succeed--though very easy to fail and just kill off everything by too little water or light or nutrient transport, etc.

But still, if it worked, it'd be cool to have our own modern day version of the hanging gardens of Babylon.