Thursday, May 12, 2016

Aegis Ashore Declared Operational in Romania, Angers Russians

The Navy and U.S. Missile Defense Agency declared a ballistic missile defense site in Romania operational this week.

The Lockheed Martin-built Aegis Ashore facility in Deveselu is the first of two sites planned as part of the U.S. and NATO’s BMD network based on the same technology used in the Navy’s guided missile destroyers and cruisers to protect against ballistic missile threats.

The site is built around a SPY-1D(V) air-search radar linked to three 8-cell Mark-41 Vertical Launch Systems armed with Raytheon Standard Missile 3 interceptors – the same equipment used on destroyers. The installation is named by U.S. sailors.

Russian reaction is less than positive.  Which is stupid.  They can easily overwhelm this.  It merely takes away the ability to use one or a few nukes.  Limited nuclear war is a fallacy the Russians still believe in.

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