Friday, May 06, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #80: Here Come the Cars


The stalker drone is here!

The Brain Drone Race, a race of drones controlled by thought, is a real thing.

Drones are being used to deliver snacks to golf courses.

And also deliver wedding rings.  sigh.

Russia is starting its own drone racing league.

Peeping toms are starting to use drones.

In Kansas, it's likely that drones will be considered a way to harass someone in a legal sense.

Europe's air safety agency is going to study the problems of drone strike on aircraft.

There seem to be cloud seeding drones now too.

The FAA has exempted high schools and colleges from the stricter drone rules.

Are drones a problem for wild life?  Specifically bears.

Self Driving Cars:

The popular press is starting to catch onto the implications of self driving vehicles.

Google, Uber & Ford have formed a self driving car coalition.

Google is teaming up with FiatChrysler to place its self driving tech in a minivan.

GM & Lyft are getting set to test self driving taxis...electric ones.

Honda gives a glimpse of the future of driverless cars.

Volvo is turning loose self driving cars in Britain as a test.

What happens when you combine an Amazon Echo with a Tesla?

And Subaru is putting IBM's Watson into its cars.

China's Baidu will start self driving car production by 2020.

Nvidia's self driving car project, called Dave, taught itself how to drive by watching people do so.

Experts are warning self driving cars might lead to more people having sex while driving.

A concept for a self driving car interior.

Google and Apple are supposedly buying land for their self driving car facilities.

3d Printing:

Siemens and Local Motors have teamed up to improve 3d printing cars.

UAE will start 3d printing homes soon.

Replication of colored 3d models has become easier.


The ZeGoBeast helps teach kids about robotics.

Two restaurants in China that replaced waiters with robots are closing.

 China builds a taser armed Dalek.

Meet Samsung's Artik.

And there's a robo mermaid.

Soon we'll be saying "and there's a bot for that!"  There's at least a bot for throwing treats to your dog.  Really.

An autonomous dome for a robotic telescope is profiled.

The 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition just wrapped up.

Roach inspired robots can work together to climb stairs.

Robots are better at soft tissue surgery than people are.

The world's smallest engine was designed to power nano bots.

The PumaBeat Bot is for runners (and I think I've seen this in San Francisco).

There are robotic CT scanners for horses now.

Boaty McBoatFace will be a robo sub.


 Google has patented the occular, an injectable device for the...ick...eye.  More here.

And Sony has patented contact lenses that are similar.

Software Bots:

Google's AI project has access to 1.6 million patients' NHS records.

Machine learning is having an impact on plastic surgery.

Amazon's Alex might help...find your lost items?!

AI on a USB stick?!

OpenAI Gym has been released.

The Robopocalypse is coming for...artists?!

Google is feeding its AI...romance novels?!  o.O  This can only end well.

Uber plans on killing their surge pricing through using machine learning.

Can machine learning help with material science?

Economics & Philosophy:

Can we trust the robots?

The Robopocalypse makes the return of manufacturing jobs to the US a mirage.

The Robopocalypse will eat our jobs!!!!

Putting AI on trial.

A Baby Boomer perspective on what to do about the Robopocalypse.

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