Friday, June 17, 2016

Robopocalypse Report #84


The Dutch police are continuing to use raptors (the birds, not stealth aircraft) to be trained to hunt drones.

More info on Harvard's Robobee.

O'Qualia has released their first 3d printed commercial drone.

DJI's Phanton 4 is a big improvement.  DJI is also allowing for better control of its drone cameras from the ground.

John Hopkins is purposefully crashing consumer drones to discover design flaws.

Flirtey is demonstrating ship to shore drone delivery of medical supplies.

Drones spotted the rare Bryde's whales.

The Exo360 drone shoots VR content on the fly.

A pill carrying drone has flown into an age old American political controversy.

Self Driving Cars:

Microsoft wants to write software for self driving cars, but not build them.

Rumor has it Faraday Future will be testing its cars in Michigan...perhaps a self driving car?

A British company is offering insurance for self driving cars.

Tesla says after reviewing the data logs for the Tesla Model X crash that the owner claimed was caused by the AutoDrive utility, Tesla has stated the car was being driven manually.

Olli, a self driving bus, is almost the perfect triple crown of the robopocalypse: self driving, 3d printed and uses IBM's Watson to drive.

Rolls Royce unveiled its self driving concept car.

3d Printing:

Can 3d scans be copyrighted

LLNL has claimed to figure out why 3d printed metal objects are often plagued by being porous.

Dutch architects are planning on 3d printing houses.  And a bit more.

3d printing of housing in Dubai continues.

Has the robopocalypse come for or helping the bookstore.

A student is developing a 3d printed lingerie.

A Chinese construction company 3d printed a house in 45 days.


The Jackrabot is designed to interact with people...or avoid them rather.

A robot moves luggage at a Swiss airport.

The robopocalypse has come for the librarian.

Siemens has an army of spider bots.  Hopefully, they are not vulernable to the SPIXNET trojan.  ;)

A solar powered robot boat is crossing the Atlantic now.

There is a robot for folding clothes now.

Robots are being developed to help the elderly.

The Jetsons Rosie is being developed.  Sorta.

A robot has been to developed to hurt people.  Yes, hurt people.

Robotic subs (UUVs) have been sent into the Bay of Bengal during the monsoon for research.

A Russian robot made a bid for freedom but ran out of juice in the middle of the road.

The Robopocalypse is making a huge difference in Amazon's warehouses already.

One inventor wants to cure loneliness with bots.  No, I'm not going there.


There's a 3d printed, prosthetic hand for playing basketball.

An amputee has a custom arm for doing tattoos.

A Deus Ex inspired arm is being developed.


A company is making exoskeletons for kids.

Software Bots:

Dan Goldin, controversial former head of NASA, is involved with a neural computing company.

And Google seems to be bent on starting the Skynet-human war by developing a kill switch for the AI.  After all, in T2, it was trying to turn OFF skynet that scared it into attacking humanity.

Parents are growing concerned their kids are getting conditioned to be rude via Amazon's Echo.

Siri needs to improve, fast.

Alexa might be able to start a car soon.

A woman used Siri to call an ambulance.

Microsoft bought Wanda Labs to improve its chatbots for the future.


Will the robopocalypse be as bad as we think for jobs?

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