Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Scuffle South China #53

China is going on a media offensive over the South China Sea.

China is using its fishing fleets to expand its claims to the South China Sea. 

China conducted its own exercises in the South China Sea.

China ranted about the US carrier op.  Consider it a message received on their end then.

A bit more about China's plans to have civilian cruise ships tour the contested Spratley Islands.

The US Navy's carriers practiced 'high end' combat exercises in the above ranted about deployment.

The US called on all sides to be calm when the UN ruling about the South China Sea is issued.  This is expected to happen in the next several weeks.

Indonesia has been fighting those Chinese fishing boat incursions by destroying them.

Indonesia's president visited their claimed islands to help assert Indonesia's ownership.

Sometimes it is easy to forget the other nations of the South China Sea have their disputes over territory, too: its not just China vs everyone else.  Indonesian fighters intercepted a Malaysian C-130.

Vietnam acquired more armed patrol boats for its Coast Guard.

Vietnam may be buying the P-3Cs it wants from Japan rather than second hand from Lockheed.

Europe is considered irrelevant for Asian security issues including the South China Sea.

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