Thursday, July 06, 2017

Dawn on Jefferson: Epilogue

Maven pushed back from her desk.  She looked like she had bitten a bitter fruit.  She was seldom happy these days.  She had not been happy in years.  Not since she had been caught and implicated in the Merry Pranksters' interstellar intrigue.

She had grown angrier.  Grown darker.  Grown Lovecraftian, if anything.

She looked her Derp, Juan, who had brought her the news.  The information.  The prize.  yet, he was still not Tom.  Tom, the one who had evaded her.  Tom, the one who was protected.  Tom, the one who got away.

She looked at Juan very intensely.

"Do they know?  Have the Merry Pranksters found this?"

Juan shrugged that he did not know.  He didn't want to speak.  Not when Maven was like this.  This was bad.  It could be worse.  If his voice cracked when he replied, it would be worse.  And worse was something he feared.  He adored and feared her.  It was heady.  It was terrifying.  Like beijng on the knife edge, constantly.

"Then we are in a rush.  Gather the others.  Let us see what this Elias Evander Estevez put on Jefferson.  BEFORE THEY DO."

Juan whirled and left.  He had the others to gather.  And a Maven's Brood as in a race with the Merry Pranksters.  And the Pranksters might not even know it.

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