Saturday, July 08, 2017

Terminator Times #31


A drone POV of an IED attack in Mosul.

The Chinese claim to have flown the world's largest fixed wing drone swarm: 119 drones vs the 103 flown by the US.

China also just flew a solar powered drone for an extended flight.

Some of China's new drones were shown off at the Paris airshow.

China also showcased its Wing Loong II UCAV.

Because the US is hesitating on selling its armed drones widely, China is stepping into fray.

Germany's Bundestag failed to fund the Heron TP procurement.

India has been cleared by the US State Dept to buy 22 Guardian UAVs from General Atomics.

India has signed an agreement with IAI to transfer UAV tech from Israel to India.

Iran has been flying drones over Pakistan since March.

Israel is developing a new UAV roadmap for its services.

Israel is buying mass market DJI drones for its defense forces.

Israel's Elbit has a rough equivalent of the Gorgon Stare system with their Skeye.

They have also debuted their SkyStriker loitering, suicide drone.

Israel is buying small drones that are armed with firearms.

Italy's HammerHead drone has its future outlined and test flights have resumed.

North Korea's drone that crashed in South Korea was photographing the THAAD location.  South Korea confirmed the drone's origin.

Pakistan shot down an Iranian drone.

The Russians have claimed they have developed an anti-drone laser.

The Russians claim to have some cargo carrying drones.

South Korea is planning on placing UAVs on its coast guard vessels.

Many drones are being shot down in Syria.

Taiwan plans to fire a Hellfire-class missile from one of its MALE drones next year.

Turkey has released an RFI for a new recon UAV.

A USAF F-15E shot down an Iranian made Shaheed-129 in Syria.

The USAF LCAAS will cost $2 to $3 million a piece, have a range of 1,500 miles and a payload of 500 lbs.  It may be stealthy.

A USAF Global Hawk crashed in California.

The data nodes for the USAF Global Hawk are in high demand.

The USAF's newest Reaper drones are deployed to Syria.

War is Boring claims to have found a new USAF drone base in Jordan.

An MQ-9 dropped a JDAM for the first time in combat.

USAF was sent a report strongly recommending the new B-21 bomber NOT be able to conduct nuclear strikes when unmanned.

The US MDA is seeking a High Altitude Long Endurance drone armed with a laser for showing down ballistic missiles in the boost phase.  Initial tests are aimed to be 2023.  The UCAV has performance specs that are greater what any current known UAV can handle.

The MQ-25A tanker drone for the US Navy will fly first from the USS Eisenhower and the USS Bush aircraft carriers first.

The House Armed Services Committee has expressed concerns the MQ-25A ought to have strike capabilities.

The US Navy is building a Triton UAV base in the United Arab Emirates.

Aeronautics has unveiled a 12 rotor Pegasus drone.

COTS quadcopters might be weaponized soon.

Gabbiano radar is being pitched for UAVs.

Kratos' XQ-222 and UTAP-22 will be unveiled at the Paris Air Show.  And they were.

Kratos won a first LRIP contract for the BQM-177A target drone.

Leonardo has launched its M-40 target drone.

Leonardo also flew the latest version of its Hero helicopter UAV.

Raytheon's new ARDS ELINT pod is set to fly on the Predator B next year.

Raytheon is also considering its next generation of Coyote drone.

Textron unveiled its NightWarden drone.

Thales is making advances with their military UAVs.

Xender is putting an elint package into even small commercial quadcopters.

Ogres & Bolos (UGVs):

Milrem has started testing its THeMIS UGV with the Estonian military.

Serbia has rolled out its own prototype UGCV, Milos, armed with a 7.68mm machine gun and a 40mm grenade launcher.

Ukraine has an antitank UGCV called the Phantom.

The US Marine Corps wants self repairing, learning unmanned systems.

Robo Boats (Unmanned Surface Vehicles):

The Chinese have unveiled their first USVs.

USVs will become increasingly important to the LCS program for the US Navy.

Unmanned vehicles will not count for the 355 ship navy Congress and the USN are pursuing.

Robo Subs (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles):

Boeing has teamed up with Huntington Ingalls for the XLUUV program with its Echo Voyager, a 51 ft long, 50 ton UUV.

The Boeing Echo Voyager has taken to sea for trials.

The US Navy hopes to fill the gap created by not having enough nuclear attack subs with unmanned subs.

3d Printing:

The US Marine Corps is sending 3d printers into combat zones to speed up repairs on equipment.


Should the Pentagon's bots be able to kill humans?  Maybe.

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