Friday, January 19, 2018

Stealth Saga #71

Sixth Generation Fighters:

Long range, hyperspectral sensors are key to defeating A2AD strategies.


Saab is joining to help develop the AESA radar for the KFX.


Russia claims it will start the PAK-DA prototype Real Soon Now.


China has stated the J-20 has participated in combat exercises for the first time.

B-2 Spirit:

3 B-2s have deployed to Guam.

A B-2 overflew the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl.

Take a look at this B-2 wing flutter video and see what it means.


The short term funding proposals might delay the B-21 program.


Lockheed won a sustainment contract for the F-22 worth $7 billion.


How the F-35 got its name.

A USAF F-16 pilot will fly with the USMC in its F-35Bs.

The USMC is planning on deploying the F-35B to CENTCOM for its 'first taste of combat' in 2018.

The USS Wasp is acting as a mini carrier in Asia.

The US Navy is integrating the F-35 into its sensor networks for its surface fleet.

Lockheed might be advertising a capability for the F-35 that may not exist.

A helicopter filmed three F-35s at the Fiesta Bowl game.

Italy has started flying its F-35B in its naval colors.

Germany may want to buy a small number of F-35 to be NATO compliant even if it does buy mostly Eurofighters.

South Korea and Japan want F-35Bs for their jeep carrier amphibs (and for remote island runways).  There is a proposal to convert the JS Izumo into a fixed wing carrier circulating in the Japanese MOD.  To start with, the Japanese want to be able to fuel USMC F-35Bs from the JS Izumo.  China is not pleased by this.

South Korea wants to buy additional (20+) F-35s.

Turkey is inviting bids to customize its F-35s.

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